It has been found that psychopathic and narcissistic traits help people advance in corporate hierarchies.

Now a trait here or there is obviously not reason to sound the alarm, but why would full blown narcissism or psychopathy be highly rewarded in societies that are often full of well intentioned beings?

The effect of societal divides, is caused by our language problem.

Not in terms of literally speaking different languages, but within the vernaculars which we use, even if we are speaking the same language. The layered or sometimes hidden meanings contained within words.

The most pointed example that one can…

A man who I respected, once asked me this question.

A dutiful person, dedicated both to family and work. They had little time to focus attention elsewhere and so they had to choose where they could fit personal goals into their routine.

Should I go for my black-belt or the…

There is a weariness that comes with this path.

For all the stoic resolve (maybe that’s just what we call it), the altruistic endeavors are most heavy before anything has been brought to intangible realms.

As the warriors tell us. Even mixed martial arts is more a mental game than…

Back when I was just a boy. Before peer-pressure began to shame my position.

Before, I even knew what to do with my attractions. As if every girl I spent time with brought out the exact same feelings… Silliness.

For context. I am a first-born, albeit to a very disconnected…

Why so much focus on space, when the seas and oceans still have not been explored?

Why does money go towards facilitating moon and mars travel. While children, women, men and all non-binary persons struggle to eat, sleep and find happiness in activities?

Those who are still in control through…

Let’s not get lost in hyperbole, I am only speaking of the feeling.

Your world tells you no, unless you have the appropriate status to receive a ‘yes’ to your creative ideas. To the maneuvers that will set precedence, or the plays which will win the battle. …

There are infinite resources and finite resources.

Some resources seem finite but are in actuality, renewable; just not within a generation and therefore useless to present life, if not protected.

The mental plane, using logic and the science of measurement or portioning. …

Age of Artifacts

Live Authentically

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