A Poem: “Hold on Gen-Z” [From a millennial in Calgary, Alberta & Palliser’s Triangle.]

Age of Artifacts
3 min readOct 7, 2021


The Evolution No 15, by Hilma Af Klint

Give us more time, just look out for the tricks.

It’s the ones without money, who can fix all of this.

The mentors, are good but some are demented,

‘demontors,’ you read about, their minds stuck in the trenches.

The ones who all floss, with their cars and their homes.

Those are the ones who will trap you with loans.

They’ll take down your friends, they’ll take down your forts,

their goals justify ends and its why you need lawyers for torts.

They trained, us and reigned us, and sang us to sleep.

They framed us, and changed us, and claimed our defeat.

They drained us, and chained us, and hang to our seats.

They shamed us, defamed us, and now language is cheap,

They maimed us, and blamed us, so we’d languish at their feet.

Many parents were wrong, and some who were right,

They finally succumbed, to a societal fight.

A fight that’s renewed, as it lives in you.

But Gen-Z you’re fighting the wrong people, dude.

You’re falling for tricks, as if you were kids,

I know cause I heard, what the silly rabbits all said.

You think that the older, are all enemies.

but life is just you, battling your own energies.

Give us some time, give us some help.

We’ll make it sublime, we’ll fix what’s been dealt.

To the youth, it is hard to be patient I know,

Unless I’m a doctor, than patient’s are dough.

You think cause its free, that our health-care’s the best.

But it’s because it is free, that it gets put to the test.

Do this and do that, with things that are new.

Orders to follow, even though its novel to them too.

They’re just so used to it, used to waiting to tell.

They waited their whole lives, to hold status to yell.

To yell at the people, who bring them their feed,

They yell at the people, who are serving their needs.

But you Gen-Z, know that ‘isms’ are real,

You Gen-Z, know how the average person feels.

As the status was eroded, and dissolved.

Even before that first math, problem you solved.

And who do you think, led the way with all that?

The Millennials, that everyone in society laughs at.

We didn’t do it, we wouldn’t do it, we fought the system.

From dorm rooms and basements and occupations.

We slowed it all down, for one single reason.

Your government’s were all tied up in ‘quirky’ treason.

They’d take all your wood and sell it back furnished,

They’d take all that’s good and wouldn’t return it.

They’d take all your fabric, and make you buy purses,

With credit, and loans, and contracted purchase.

But that was history, it will be better now!

’cause that ol’ curse.

It’s reversed!

So Hold on Gen-Z, hold on for Gen-Alpha.

Hold on for yourselves and hold on for Gen Delta.

Hold on for dear life, as it’s not what they tell ya.

Hold on through the strife, they can no longer sell ya.

Hold on Gen-Z, soon you’ll be free.

From the pain of the mind, and the heart ache in thee.

Hold on, to the time, as its not a revolution

This time Gen -Z, its about evolution.

You’ll see Gen-Z, that your hopes and your dreams.

Just like ours and others, they are so close it now seems.

That the hour draws nigh, and the day will soon come.

Who else, but the Millennials can bring you into a Millennium!

Hold on Gen-Z.