A Poem: For Millennials and Xennials; working, living, residing and dwelling in Calgary, Alberta & Palliser’s Triangle

Age of Artifacts
2 min readOct 7, 2021


Artwork, by Hilma Af Klint

Its yours now, the mantle, its totally been passed to you.

The elders, who handled, so many lives of abuse.

They’ve run out of fuel. They don’t know what to do.

Ask them, they’ll tell you, just follow the system.

Especially, if some of those crashes, they missed them.

A generational lottery was won, by all at one time.

Just look at a house price, before ‘99.

Look at it now, and see how they’ve slaughtered,

Bank accounts and savings, of sons and daughters.

But its okay, no grudges today. It’s time these lands were taught to behave.

To perform in all actions, in thoughts and words too,

To become something better, we call it Art Nouveau, number two.

It’s time for the artists, it’s time for the songs.

It’s time for the hardest, parts to be gone.

It’s time for the smartest, to let others belong.

It’s time for the chart lists, to stop forcing what’s on.

What’s hot for the moment, is now only good for a day.

Like those old donuts, we’re no longer fashioned as slaves.

No hole in our centers, no one to preach how to behave.

Just look at debt cycles on nations, clearly it was done the wrong way.

They’ll tell you I’m wrong, as they try to divert your sight.

But the lists are too long, even the Banks say I’m right.

Your bosses, with problems of equity so great.

False promise of rewards that always come too late.

They can’t use the tech, so they just post some more ads.

Like ships gone to wreck, for bonuses we pad.

Democracy and capitalism were good for their day.

So was any government, that freed any slave.

It’s better than it was, but isn’t that the point?

Of course weed’s now legal, permission for a joint?

What adult would let other adults tell them what to do,

See through the games or be subordinates too.

When we all could be royals, in our own rights.

If we could all just be loyal, to freedoms tonight.

And freedom tomorrow, and freedom for all.

Freedom, so people don’t have to all crawl.

As tech’s on our side, so why do we gather to vote?

An intranet, not internet, would protect the boat.

They say voting’s important, so that they can count your say.

But I want them to hear it, so counting’s not great.

And if they were noble if it were true,

You’d have the day off, if its the most important thing to do.

So holiday for this, holiday for that,

Holiday whenever you’ll give money back.

But not for the ballot, not for your choice.

As a system of debt, drowns out your voice.