A Poem: For ‘Old People’ upon the lands of Calgary, Alberta & Palliser’s Triangle.

Age of Artifacts
3 min readOct 7, 2021
Level of the Soul, by Hilma Af Klint

The adventure’s not over, unless ended by you.

Come find me, and I’ll show you that nothing’s more true.

You haven’t changed with the times, you’ve just changed your house.

Convention grasps minds, as it grows all your doubts.

As to what you can do, and what you can say.

Forcing more silence, as if you were prey.

‘Back in my day,’ yeah that’s something you say.

It’s something you think, and it’s something you pray.

As if it were over, silly, you’re still here.

And moreover, things are getting so clear.

It’s our job, the young, to look out for the others,

The parents, the fathers and especially all mothers.

But to do that it takes, the elders and the old.

Simply for a child’s sake, but that’s not what we’ve been sold.

We came from an energy, that has now come to pass,

And it takes your energy, to make this all last.

The dream that this was, the dream of this place.

You came to our lands, for your own sake.

These lands are special, they can’t be ignored.

As these were the last, that common-wealth paid for.

They paid for the way, for people to come.

From all over the world, as diversity sung.

For a place that would be like cities on high.

A place where the darkness could not touch the light.

We are the lighthouse, that signals to the world.

Bring on your wretched, your poor, every boy and girl.

We are the place, that has held a good grace.

We are the face, that war would not face.

And you old, who are here. Be of good cheer.

You are the ones who were meant to be here.

If you are lonely, just look to the youth.

The 20’s and 30’s who hold unto truth.

The ones whose light, they kept inside.

Those ones whose light, is ready to ride.

The waves that will come, as surely its so.

Find the people, who have discovered how to ride with the flow.

People-less homes, in a land of homeless people.

It is the old, not the church, who will be like a steeple.

Who will be like a rock, for the young to listen.

Just find the ones, who have their own inner-mission.

The one’s not trapped, in occupational grasps.

For they have the power, to make your legacies last.

The answer, won’t come from the court.

It won’t come from the banks, where the money is short.

It won’t come from the stocks, or the bonds that we trade.

The answer will come when you provide some free AID.

Attention, Interest and demand, lead the way.

Reverse economics, and you reverse your own fate.

‘Old people, old people’ Be of good cheer!

Lift your head, walk boldly, and give away fear.

A thing of the past, it’s so easy to do,

Because now, with tech, the adventure’s in you.

It’s still there, but this time, it’s not a physical toil.

Even now, you feel it, as your energy boils.

Freedom for all, and all for one freedom.

So many abused, but it’s about how we treat them.

So open your hearts, and open your doors.

Open your ears, and give up your wars,

Give up your grudges, so good energy pours.

Your here for a reason, so be excited when you meet.

A stranger, and others, who you find in the street.

They say the good die young, and I’m sure you have stories,

But that doesn’t have to be true, once you claim back your own glory.

-Live Authentically