A Poem: For Parents of Children. In Calgary, Alberta & Palliser’s Triangle.

Age of Artifacts
3 min readOct 7, 2021


Mother and Child, by Hilma Af Klint.

You cannot control what will come, so remember not to try…

But the time you give to your child, is something that no-thing can buy.

These moments stay with both of you, possibly even after you die!

How you deal with fear, is the greatest weight. It encodes the DNA and acts on your child’s fate.

You can try if you like, but it cannot be hidden. It’s the lightening, when you’re smitten, and so it is written; within them.

I too care about your child, for they are the future; it’s a system of na-ture.

So don’t doubt their smile, that way it stays pure, I’m of the watchmen, begging, for cures.

They are the mission, as they bring the fun. They bring creativity for every-one.

So don’t silence them, when they break through the norms. The convention, that tells us to keep the same form.

The same fashions, that can’t imagine, the things children see.

The contractions, that seem to happen, when kids seem embarrassing.

For they are the ‘Jesters’ who speak to the kings. They speak to the royalty, they speak to all things.

They have no fear, until the parents show theirs. By shushing a tear, and repressing all cares.

Let them grow with you, don’t just take them to places. And let them be fools, so they don’t shake from the faces!

So they don’t shake ’cause of hatred, so they don’t shake in their cores.

The world seeks to displace us, they shake us for more.

More of our resource, more of our fuel,

but its the children they want so they can show them what’s cruel.

A child must learn, negativity. ’Cause it’s not natural, it’s absolutely not.

It hides in -turn nagging, creativity. Laws unnatural, rooted in pathological thought.

It’s power corrupted, eroding a circuit. It’s hours erupted, loading with purpose.

Negativity from the weak, or the old and decrepit.

It seeks to tweak, and is sold on the receptive.

Don’t teach them to hide, or teach them to run, don’t teach them to fight, just teach them with love.

Love not obedience. Loving kind patience. Love so they mean it. And aren’t simply like patients.

In a system so fraught with business over love.

Many parents were taught, to only wear gloves.

To not feel the earth, to not hug a tree.

To only hug people, even when they are mean to thee.

But you parent, you’ve made it, to the end of 2021. Nine years past the initial shift that would come.

It came out of you, because you changed many things. Your collective conscience gave birth to ‘the internet of things.’

So don’t squash your dreams, and don’t squash your child’s.

They’ll wash you with memes, that simply bring smiles.

They’ll teach you many things, and they’ll take you off trials.

Don’t make them dance, don’t make them sing.

Just listen in the moments, and not just once and a while.

You’ll be shocked at first at how much happiness they bring.

Because they came here from a place much happier then here.

Whatever your beliefs, they were rooted in fear.

As it was known, of our polarizing triangle.

That Palliser’s Land was predicted to lie dangled.

Dangled in lies, dangled in lack. As the world needed us, to restore itself back.

After the wars, so many came here. And with them they continued to bring loads of fear.

They hurt many people and they did it in secret. If it was discovered, all they did was entreat it.

They did it with earnest, they so did implore. But we are the lands, that were last explored.

The common-wealth hoped, that we could replace it. The pain and the suffering of wars that displaced us.

And now its well known, that these lands have made it. So we need children who can heal and restore, the people who hate us.

-Live Authentically