A Tradition of monkeys.

Age of Artifacts
7 min readJan 30, 2022

What is personification for?

Remember, that for every benefit, there is an opposite side. I’ll leave it to you, the observer, to choose it’s name, angles and dimensions.

It is not something to fear, just ponderings for consideration.

This is why, ‘spirit animal’ is much less confusing, for defining your specific Patronus. But don’t try too hard to narrow the ‘thing,’ as it’s likely a combination of things. For it lives in the imagination and for some, it is a fleeting thought while for others, a cause to act a certain way in the real world.

That’s all well in good, as long as one can remember to actually be nice and humane, in the real world. For when mutual cooperation, with all those around you is the interest of the entire party. With a focus on spreading that good outwards. It can be a little boring, if you manifest a care bear in front of everyone. Or it may be a little triggering, as it will sometimes force the receiver backwards in time and inwards for the moment.

So many of us, like to use fiction, belief, imagination and creativity. In order to inspire an attitude. Others, may do the same thing with humans, celestial bodies and anywhere else that people store their trust… Celebrities, stars, jewelry, or dreams. Some of us, go far on the creativity side, so that it’s not only fun for us; but also so unreal as to never be confusing with the mundane physical portions of real life.

And some, look to use this force of nature as a power source for ambition. For seeking what they desire, through the force of role. Preparing for the new spot opening up at a job. Prepping for achievements, events, functions and opportunities.

So rather than ask what your ‘spirit animal’ is. I feel it is better to ask how you utilize such a powerful mental mechanism. Why does it have to be an animal? It doesn’t, but this makes it easier to hold a general conversation on things which are more common-sense when dealing in social circles. Things that are more widely believed, before delving into the deep waters of a story that your audience has no immersion for.

As for myself, I don’t know what I am. I am riddled with many fictional personas. For it allows me to at least make the Art that I like. I believe that’s a start to interdependence with the groups and individuals of society.

I’m not offended by labels. Sometimes happy in abstract foolishness, as long as there are more things to learn and discover about the world.

But for personification’s sake. It feels very much that I come from a tradition of wise monkeys. I never really know their shape or colours. But I see them shining through the human in front of me. I say wise, because even though some were very manipulative. And others, who did the same just happened to feel more zen. Some weren’t monkeys at all, apes, orangutangs, gorillas no need to be too specific.

Of course there are other animals in the mental jungle. Disney has a way of living on in a person. So its likely you can see some of my references.

Happy bears are kind of easy to spot. Lions a little harder at times, for its often they are still small and confused by the other cats in the species, all vying for some supposed top spot. Meanwhile, the lion rarely cares about such things.

Now that I’ve reaped some sort of ripening age, as if a human were ever really a fruit?

How silly comparison can be.

It just feels as though my life has been a tinkering. As if both municipal and global factions pull at logical thinking-mind strings, while the heart-mind is being played. And so I’d rather speak of ‘spirit animals’ instead of comparing the 1st world to some sort of robot factory makers, which only live to produce more robot factories. It feels as though the wise-monkeys who raised me in their order and ways. Were kind enough to ensure, that my patronus remained different then their own. But would still discover the fun of playing the jungle game in a corporate world. A corporate world that’s only true reason for existence, is to protect against the fear of jungled reality.

So again, it may be even better as a follow up. To ask what tradition of ‘spirit animals’ were you raised in? Who were your teachers, mentors and momentary friends?

Did a deer show up in your life? Someone you could only see from afar, but who was fearful of getting close?

Have you met a wolf? Regardless of whether in sheep’s clothing or out. They certainly know how to form a cohesive pack. Better at lying then a hyena, but of course, only respected by other animals when they choose not to take such dark paths.

Because we know how vicious the animal kingdom can be, although most of us don’t really consider ourselves apart of. Not consciously anyways. As if beavers, are actually going through spreadsheets of hierarchy in their brain to find enough data for every single thing they meet in the wild. Humans simply need to coexist better. And find ways to uncomplex language, as the animals do. So that we can discover safe ways of inviting more of nature into the thing which civilization built. Groomed and trim, just like the good town feel that people actually went to Disney for. Without the shadows we hear about but that people just aren’t expecting in real life. The story is supposed to be a rollercoaster, but the story is where it should end. If we truly want to separate or even claim the top spot of the animal kingdom.

Shouldn’t we?

See the wise-monkeys in any tradition, both new and old. Are always playing a clever game with the realities they are in. And remember, every benefit has it’s opposite side. So while not as powerful, nor prideful as the impressive lion, who rules the physical domain. The monkeys domain is that of the shame-game. Some shame is necessary to prevent the preventable tragedies of life. But too much and we are back into manipulation, which is like turbulence for the space ship we are all on. The one we call earth.

What separates the wise of any species from their counterparts, is the ability to ‘tell’ the others, that they are in a game, without telling them that they’re in the game.

In contrast to all the others in monkey or animal personifications. Who either say it in such an unbelievable way, or hide the game they are playing. {Which is the doorway to the manipulation game…} A compartment in the shame game. For shame is the first sin in any creation story reminiscent of super-people. Progenitors are great for the psyches-ability to overhype connected ancestors.

In the new world, the 4th wall is broken. Should it hold, this signifies the portal for evolution. Should it close, it would be a revolution. For such is the circle of life. Never ending, at least as a species. Not unless they don’t evolve. For humanity, that can only mean the emotional realms. As the mental planes have provided enough technology, for even the average amongst us to work in the wild.

But individually such a proposition is based around whether or not a person was granted enough preparation. So I will restate for the observer. The new world is here, as the 4th wall has broken.

I am not a wise-monkey. I could never understand their way of explaining the game. But I cannot change the fact, that they came into my life just to teach, share and to play. None were formally invited, but found a way. Some were around for a long time, others a fleeting moment. But make no mistake, I am not one of them. For I tell all the people all the time. How we are all being played; and not just in the personification game.

With that, I leave it open for you to decide.

What spirit animal am I? How mythical, fictional, unbelievable or creative does one have to think? In order to imagine the animal which has no need to play the game. Or am I simply a robot {an automated object}, that doesn’t understand the need for all the games?

{… haha, okay, new question then. How does your spirit-bot function?}