Art Residency: Somehow messages with friends became this…

As Respect begets respect.

Notices were given. Thank you cards, invitations and all sorts of odd emails pressed to the creatives inside many corporations and companies.

The law society of Alberta cannot be the foundation it needs to be if the common-folk can only understand and not comprehend OUR legal systems.

As these 5 civics will create the containment OUR economy needs to be able to generate velocity through healing OUR hurt while upgrading OUR citizenry.

for full video click here

This is long enough and certainly worthy of the following ACT. A discussion about how this will function and operate. As it truly is a theory of everything and will need YOUR guidance while WE foster in what is appreciatively termed: “Art Nouveau 2.0”

And for my friends who allowed me to outlet this expression in messages and discussions…

Yes. WE must protect ourselves, especially from those who act as though Energy is not real and seek to overburden and sometimes even steal it in order to place controls for us to carry their workloads.



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