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10 min readAug 5, 2021


(sorry the story was unable to fit in a video format… AKA I had rendering issues).

I believe in YOU. Not people. Although I do believe them, generally, as I am tied to the hope that all of us have an inner-being which is simply seeking what I and many others are attempting to bring forth… A period of relief, healing and happiness that most will not desire to place an expectation in currently (or little more than a notion to be swept aside as if good dreams only deserve a passing interest).

I believe YOU are an individual who strives for truth, good and to live authentically. I believe YOU comprehend that people do make mistakes (as WE all will again and again). Thus, I believe WE are all in the same boat so to speak.

However, by taking time to repair these transactions and interactions; rather than deny them. WE will limit the errors and bugs which are being written into our futures [economic terms]. In this way WE can avoid the slippery slopes and provide landing pads for those who are on the slides which exist in these lands. Some individuals and groups, constantly sticking themselves or holding on for fear of discovery along an unknown journey.

[Black market economics leaks into corporate economics as they often have shares in the game known as snakes and ladders].

Simply by sending small notes of appreciation 🤷🏽‍♀️ just because; entrusted-bonds can be strengthened in a way that even the most brilliant physicists will not be able to contain in misleading textbooks. And thus a Mind-shield will be derived for even the very least amongst US… People who trust in this type of good endeavour.

I believe that economics is simply containment and velocity. Thus when a people can take control not with force or coercion, but through a widespread coming together. For truth and knowledge implemented around good goals [revenue not profit is a feasible way of expressing this].

Simply by saying “yes, WE will fund your small risk, which is calculated to work with OUR local talent, with OUR technology and with OUR skills in such a way that it does not only generate a recreation of some iron dome or Great Wall, to seclude us from the world. Which were useful for their times…. But now OUR drafters and OUR architects must sense that we need economic layers, not caste systems. Modeled in such a way that it layers within not only the Minds but the Hearts of the people. In this way even the common-folk will see the results before the after-maths which really are leaks of information…” [not out but into OUR system, mechanized for purposes which have OUR people working against each other].

Thereby OUR workers will be able to make correct adjustments without orders.

[side note by people I mean: those who were born here, those who reside here, those who plan to die or be buried here. And the travelers who are passing through which seek not to capitalize upon our vulnerable sectors; while the aforementioned people work to uplift all sectors].

The process can likely be compared to turning crude oil into clean or synthetic or…

This is why Uneducated Philosophy was created, as WE hold the theory and also know that it requires specialists and strategists to implement it properly. It is both about individual knowledge and also about the all-knowledge, at the same time. We do step one already as OUR sophisticated and common classes do share with the world. We’ve lost step three as WE fear the liability of true apologies. WE need step 2. Which is common-trust in these lands.

The danger is in creative people like myself or empathic people like YOU. Due to the fact that I was steered away from; and YOU actually experienced a trauma which I was only told could be happening or had happened to people.

As I was raised by a large group of people who believed that following singular theologies could prevent or judge the uncomfortable parts of society Properly.

This is the best I have so far in my efforts to reinterpret a good ending to these non-fiction stories (mine not YOURS. That’s YOUR claim/right and not mine).

However we are far less dangerous than the alternative rumblings which are forming amongst the exasperated common folk.

This is one of many reasons for why our JESTER went about these lands and spoke with various communities. And yes “much truth was told in Jest,”

Apologies to offended parties of verbal discussions were offered. More importantly, respect was established within the more secluded territories here. As our JESTER is straightforward, which is what all common-folk become when the art of discussion (not conversation) abounds.

As Respect begets respect.

Notices were given. Thank you cards, invitations and all sorts of odd emails pressed to the creatives inside many corporations and companies.

This was all done as WE are bringing remedies to all people here as our JESTER has expressed to all beings who are here in these lands: History is not OUR fault. But the Future Is.

And What that truly means is that we have 3 options as societies:

1.Continue to allow the world to place more burden upon Alberta and PALLISER’s Triangle. As if OUR farmers and OUR ranchers have not had their economical backs and shoulders tenderized enough already.

2.Continue to believe that paper-status equates with leadership so that WE fall individually by continually placing not only our YOUTH but our Emergency and Operational Response teams into dead-end situations. Even while we deny them the right to reflect and make decisions based on the entire narrative.

3. Do something that much more sophisticated societies with people freer and more harmonious (not Ceremonious) then the common-folk here currently allow themselves to imagine. Even though this reality is already precedented [law terminology].

The pathways to work and follow are found through the thickets and walls which only OUR Common-Mind tools can break through.

These are what our JESTER endearingly refers to as OUR Liquid Swords. And right now they are cutting through the anxious beta waves being cast around individuals. In order to restore the connections with not only Alpha, but the Theta transporter frequencies which are capable of bringing all minds to higher realms.

Calgary Allied Artists trust in Art and Wisdom. Trust that a small group of individuals, bonded through discussions and not conversations can rise above the diluted work which is drawing not only third eyes but also two eyes and four eyes away from local attention. Attending local and the interdependence that only local attendance can supply. With this focus we will break through the media spells which have OUR individual minds being steered into collision courses with those even of OUR own blood and these lands. Legal schemes being acted upon so that WE forget the simple rules of a good society:

Protect the children, which purely as an economic argument is that they are the regenerating force of creativity.

Do not charge against the interests of YOUR neighbour. As this principle of vibratory dynamics is what motivates our professional, expert, doctorate and other sophisticated classes to share their knowledge. In this way the common folk will be able to articulate their own arguments in court. Only as a trial (try-out)since they will be practicing good behaviour, aka economics, in the streets.

The law society of Alberta cannot be the foundation it needs to be if the common-folk can only understand and not comprehend OUR legal systems.

The sophisticated do not speak the way of the common as our economic dependence upon selling OUR commodities took us away from being able to guarantee certain futures. So while WE forgot the basics of supply and demand at top level negotiations or were so worried about hearing the word “NO.” We forced OUR politicians to make deals on the fly. Which meant that in the long run WE would erase the options for OUR farmers and OUR ranchers and thus all society.

This means the answer is in the breaking of connotations and the building of trust. Many will be called upon, as WE will need music, entertainment and levity to power the people while they build the layers of a horizontally-integrated economy. We will need to erase the perverted sense of ideologies and remedy pathways to restore dreams and to follow visions of revenue against profits. And the people themselves will be able to make the correct decisions, despite the various educational impacts.

This is why I ask to utilize a residency for the IRL Masterpiece. I will look to exceed the requirements already outlined and produce tangible art for the open houses. This will be traded with those who attend. Both to momentarily refund YOUR endeavours and that of the space providers, but more to literally lure OUR people into comprehending the art of discussion (not conversation). The progression of thought. The reasonability of an individual having both their own beliefs and also the 5 basic needs of society which WE all work towards ensuring despite the current rules.

Food. Shelter. Clothing. Security and Personal Space.

As these 5 civics will create the containment OUR economy needs to be able to generate velocity through healing OUR hurt while upgrading OUR citizenry.

for full video click here

This is long enough and certainly worthy of the following ACT. A discussion about how this will function and operate. As it truly is a theory of everything and will need YOUR guidance while WE foster in what is appreciatively termed: “Art Nouveau 2.0”

And for my friends who allowed me to outlet this expression in messages and discussions…

Yes. WE must protect ourselves, especially from those who act as though Energy is not real and seek to overburden and sometimes even steal it in order to place controls for us to carry their workloads.

Yes. I can read energy and so can YOU.

And yes… it is my firm belief that a small group of individuals who are striving to work authentically can lead to a better outcome than what our societies (Alberta and the PALLISER triangle) currently believe in.

For nothing else has ever led the way. Forever and Always. The answer is love. Art and wisdom will relieve the hurt amongst us, so that the comprehension can teach OUR sick-minded that love is not obedience. I repeat: LOVE is NOT OBEDIENCE. Tricks are for kids and obedience is for robots. Compassion is only alien to OUR people because love is a human trait and so many have been steered away from it. For reasons only known to the offending individual’s personal beliefs, regardless of their groups.

And yes… Alien IS an economic term. A Lien. See through the deception Alberta and stop listening to the world’s media! Focus on the people here. Your friends, your families, your work relationships and so on. As the only thing the WORLD will ask for is our Obedience and thus, when given they will say they love ALBERTA. Yet it is only because we make life easier for them, by martyring our economy, which as you will find out…

IS the children and your OWN individual talents.

Peace and love.


Come Meet and Break Bread with our JESTER.

For she is beautiful



Age of Artifacts