Coffee, Service and Cheer… People of Calgary, be kind to your service houses.

Age of Artifacts
7 min readAug 9, 2021


Yes. Local growth is important. However, for the economy to be restored properly, it is important to remember that anywhere you buy your coffee you are dealing with locals.

Thank you to the WATCHERS, DRUIDS and FAIRY-FOLK for garnering feedback.

As it is time for the Tenets of Abstract Substance which I have deployed thus far to become more succinct. For those that grasp this punny-reference: The Precepts of Pre-eminence, dictate that it is time for me to sharpen my Courteousness. Thus to all the WIZARDS who overlooked their STAFF… Know that my being shall now arrive with a tone which rings more Curt, than what you have experienced until now.

For the owners who believe this pyramid, is stacked incorrectly. Know that when you terminate your employees, you are actually promoting them to the level of a customer.

If you would still like to argue in your own mind, and continue to fear discussing your thoughts or feelings with me:

  1. What you are doing when you avoid me and those like me is known as Cowardice. You are not alone, as this travels through the veins of many in these lands and it is why respect for those who live where the earth meets the sky is often lacking, even when it is first offered by us.
“So Live Your Life”
  1. If you are the OWNER of an ESTABLISHMENT. Would you not be the foundation of your business? Thus your RULERS and STAFF would be placed above you. Fix your mental physics as many of the big box retailers have been training this inside their companies for years. And it is why they outclass our local strategies. (Don’t believe me? INSIDER KNOWLEDGE: Find an actual store manager at Home Depot and they will likely be able to show you the posters of their pyramid).
  2. If you are an investor in a local café or restaurant. Than you have created a basement for yourself, which is not always readily noticeable to the PUBLIC. As many of these investors here come from what is colloquially termed “Big Oil.” Your very presence while attempting to remain hidden has thrown off the authenticity of many places. And for some ESTABLISHEMENTS, you have literally driven the OWNERS to mind-realms which are now barely touching sanity.


Apart from a few small businesses, who have risen to this level. This company treats their STAFF better than any of the other large café retailers and local owners, who mistake our youth as granted. You do not actually own this right, despite your claims to the contrary.

Calgary, you have created quite the conundrum. Why is a foreign company better at taking care of such a diversified people, in our own lands? Many of you OWNERS, INVESTORS and WIZARDS will have a knee-jerk reaction to this statement. But remember you read AFTER-MATH, with your metrics and yet scoff when I tell you that by paying more attention to your measurements than the people who provide you with their labour, that you become a RULER.

The mirror, is so much more comfortable than the Abyss I bring with me. However, you will see yourself in that as well. Forever and Always!

(Think about it. They also utilize our local talent. This should the sign for local owners and investors to look into the mirror).

As RULERS can only ever measure. Thus, you have given up on LEADERSHIP and many in retail markets are literally using that word in vain.

The secret is they are willing to let the youth lead and adjust with them.


Minimum wage is what keeps the big corporations in-line. It is not for you SMALL BUSINESS OWNERS.

In fact, your inability to think outside of your boxes, has you trying to mimic what the big guys are doing and this keeps you from using your advantages.

Venerable Habits of Thought. Alberta Psalms. Spoken For Us and By Us. Forever And Always

Emotions and Feeling. These are the keys to sales and success. Numbers are not the economy. The Economy is our Behaviours. The numbers that are reported are the after-math. And while hindsight is 20/20, focusing on numbers over people only begets a discussion of the past and a lot of terrible behaviours while the new numbers are being generated.

The biggest issue front service staff face. Is other people’s changing faces. Other transmuting energies. We have WITNESSED as regulars of lounges, sit at a bar and drain energy from people who are simply trying to do their best in order to maintain their lives. We have WITNESSED, barista's being asked to do tasks which are not only outside of job descriptions, but also filled with liability. Many of these are purposeful and calculated by people who, know they receive an energetic kick out of shrewd tactics.

Hurt people, Hurt people. Nothing more could be true in our current societal system. It is time to transmute the energy in Alberta and Palliser’s Triangle.

(To those who were unkind, disrespectful and outright nasty to our JESTER. Know that she comprehends, for she is beautiful. Yet KNOW, that we do not UNDER-STAND you. Learn the difference)

Time to rewind. To the Times. When locals were kind.

Diversity is here. Stop fighting and give good cheer. For if you look, it becomes clear.

We’ve been diverse from the start and it is the World Media ripping us apart.

Become Local and Learn how to be both positive and receptive. Thinking that a circuit receives negative energy, is the silliest thing in our connotative language. As that would actually negate the circuit. (Just think about flow and you’ll begin to see much more clearly).

Many think our ACTUARIAL SOCIEOMETRY is ridiculous. I know. But some of you OWNERS, are so high up in your mind to read properly. So keep listening to the Investors, who are mining not only your intellectual property, but also your businesses and even your life energy. without providing anything other than your initial and temporal benefit.

Speech should flow freely in cafe’s and lounges. Or else the common-folk will never be able to help you contain the velocity which Alberta creates.

Good economics is achievable. And indebted societies are solely about belief.

Free The Artists, Free the Youth and just WITNESS what we are able to Create, Generate and Repatriate.

The Great Reset is real. But I do not operate out of Fear and thus the World’s Economic Forums are not an authority over me. I am neither a subject nor an object. I am a being, that is creating a much more believable story for these lands. As the reset is is simply a test for creativity.

Rick and Morty, explains it to those who feel the physics of economics.
Venerable Habits of Thought Chapter 2. Spoken For Us and By Us. Forever and Always. Alberta Psalms.



And be kind with your barista! As the youth in these lands, will not put up with this Schtick when their time comes. That is not threat, it is simply what the actuarial equations are indicating.