Coffee, Service and Cheer… People of Calgary, be kind to your service houses.
  1. What you are doing when you avoid me and those like me is known as Cowardice. You are not alone, as this travels through the veins of many in these lands and it is why respect for those who live where the earth meets the sky is often lacking, even when it is first offered by us.
“So Live Your Life”
  1. If you are the OWNER of an ESTABLISHMENT. Would you not be the foundation of your business? Thus your RULERS and STAFF would be placed above you. Fix your mental physics as many of the big box retailers have been training this inside their companies for years. And it is why they outclass our local strategies. (Don’t believe me? INSIDER KNOWLEDGE: Find an actual store manager at Home Depot and they will likely be able to show you the posters of their pyramid).
  2. If you are an investor in a local café or restaurant. Than you have created a basement for yourself, which is not always readily noticeable to the PUBLIC. As many of these investors here come from what is colloquially termed “Big Oil.” Your very presence while attempting to remain hidden has thrown off the authenticity of many places. And for some ESTABLISHEMENTS, you have literally driven the OWNERS to mind-realms which are now barely touching sanity.
The mirror, is so much more comfortable than the Abyss I bring with me. However, you will see yourself in that as well. Forever and Always!
Venerable Habits of Thought. Alberta Psalms. Spoken For Us and By Us. Forever And Always
Rick and Morty, explains it to those who feel the physics of economics.
Venerable Habits of Thought Chapter 2. Spoken For Us and By Us. Forever and Always. Alberta Psalms.




Live Authentically

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Age of Artifacts

Age of Artifacts

Live Authentically

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