Companies & Manipulators

Age of Artifacts
3 min readJan 24, 2022


It has been found that psychopathic and narcissistic traits help people advance in corporate hierarchies.

Now a trait here or there is obviously not reason to sound the alarm, but why would full blown narcissism or psychopathy be highly rewarded in societies that are often full of well intentioned beings?

Corporations are amoral. And CEOs or other leaders are beholden to the will of the share-holder. Which is often easily interpreted as, make as much money as possible, with little other boundaries then what is commonly believed to be reasonable. But of course, common sense rarely seems to be common and beauty is always in the eye of the beholder. Meaning that there are many well intentioned shareholders, who want to believe the best about where there dividends and other interest reaping instruments are coming from.

And so in a world which has removed the whips, there are still very few guards against tricks. And it is why many managers often wish to higher young people for positions. Or at least, those who are inexperienced in their industry. For then it is easier to get someone to work overtime when needed. Or as is often the case in sales roles. Subject themselves to incredibly unorthodox schedules, that are routinely on the fly, because they know that they only truly get paid when the sale gets made. And if you aren’t there when it happens, regardless of how much work you put in… Instantly, your reward can be split with someone else or taken away from you altogether. And for now, let’s not even get started on the manipulations that happen in the service industry, of dining. With wait staff, hostesses and the all encompassing tip procedures, which pull on the heart-strings and wallets of guests who simply come for a meal.

How long, have middle managers been working various emotions of their people, only to exert additional control? Over and above, that which is customary in such a co-dependent relationship as that of employer — employee. To say these are routinely interdependent, is akin to making the argument that a game of lemmings, is the way we should model our societies after.

How much of this is due to internal depression? The person in the managing position may seemingly have more than their employees, but to get and hold this position. Often takes a continual accordance to a routine. Regardless of whether or not this routine brings satisfaction or happiness to their life! And thus exhaustion begins to play internally, both upon the thinking mind and the heart-mind.

Exhaustion of routine, becomes depression.

And little thought power is given to noticing this. For the first rule of getting out of the trap, is in realizing just how trapped we are. And no one wants to look at their prison. This is especially true, when we are given the opportunity to pretend that we are free.