Concrete Streams… Collision {Witnessed Event. common-time 10:53am}

Age of Artifacts
2 min readAug 2, 2021

Please Applaud these locals.

Although an unfortunate event seemed to occur. This was observed to be dealt with properly, as neighbours would. While our WITNESS could not HEAR the conversation. The Energy remained calm and professional (for lack of a better word). Information was seemingly being exchanged, before our WITNESS continued with the day.

No Guide was needed and thankfully no immediate medical attention was required.

One thing to note. While it is hearsay to our WITNESS. They have remarked that there has been a common theme amongst the folk who dwell in this area. Calls to the Operating Authorities are claimed to have been made for quite a few years about how the design of the concrete streamways have been shaped into creating unfortunate happenings, rather than helping to prevent them.

Even now, it seems as though support and interest has been given, by way of notification to at the very least install a SPEED MIRROR along the nearby Causal-way {colloquially termed: Road or Roadway} which likely is the reason these Effects continue to manifest in this specific location.


Whether it is true that these reports have been made, we do ask that the local authorities take time to visit and see the issue as it seems reasonable for the common-folk here to believe the design to be a (if not “The”) main cause. As it is in the interest of the children, along with the insurance liabilities and interrupted working routines which are at stake here.


For now, take care and stay safe out here.

Once again, we call upon these two CANDIDATES, who are looking to uphold the CIVICS upon these lands.