Does “Dead Poets Society” still make anyone cry?

Age of Artifacts
6 min readOct 30, 2021

Do the people even know it anymore?

The production quality did not stand the test of time, as with most things in Hollywood. But the substance… Mmm, ‘Magnifique.’

But do the people understand it?

“Captain, my captain,”

After they’d already ripped out ‘Understanding Poetry, by Dr J. Evans Pritchard Phd.’

Do the people still get it?

It was never something to be measured, not in fluency nor in meter.

For those still outside of the ‘Artistic Message.’ The ones who will never read this until they’ve translated themselves. IT WAS THE FEELING!

Something lost, on the icons of the “Social Network.” Those who try to right out every line of the bro-code which was never written down in the first place. And to those that think the bro-code is real. Or That it is somehow above the gender fluid scripts of the ‘friend-code.’

These are the only real things that ever existed. Yes, they live in the intangible. In the same place as Joy, Enlightenment and all the other feelings which only Art, can have an individual descend or ascend into. They live in that place where drugs hallucinate to, but where you can never bring items back to share in the ‘real world.’ They live in that place of honor, where those who break the code, always have to live with it. That place which lights the fire under every billionaire, that did not inherit their money. The ones who are driven to sociopathic lengths, in order so that when the clock ticks and all those tricks, that they know they can’t get away with. Will be paid.

(Get it now? TikTok). The people aren’t seeing the Art.


Many will deny the existence of what I write. Some may regard it as spiritual nonsense, but I promise I write about something far more magnetic and rooted into the Electromagnetic Spectrum which none can see and yet no one will deny. We may call it by different names, we may refer to it with our own specific cultural logic. But you better believe that all the messages, which Robin Williams and others of his ilk encoded into wherever they could, still live on!

To those who struggled to grasp why so many cried when he left our world. This is why. It’s why we cry for all of them. All the Artist’s regardless of their craft. Who died in defense of the minds of our people. The thing that makes the human race (the one shared race) more beautiful than any other sentient being, known to our selfish minds.

And it’s why we don’t cry, for all of the actors and Artists, who could not find within themselves a way to bring humanity through their performance, no matter the stage, screen or audio device.

A painting by Hilma Af Klint


But why do I write this today. What is this pre-Halloween special. By the time the 31st rolls {roles} around, more and more people will have begun processing a bit of information which will take most 7 or more years to comprehend.

For the people, still enshrined in Western Faith. Your tribulation came a few years early. If you find my writing vague, than it is only because the word ‘metaverse’ escapes your reality. I’m confident that last sentence will appreciate. But only for what it’s worth, which is nothing in a world where the currency is already lost.

This week, the first hacker has planted their flag in a realm opposite of Mars. Some billionaires want to take the body. Metaverse, is for the mind. As the robotic amongst us. The secretive amongst us. Who can no longer pool their lies in Pandora’s box, scramble to ensure the humans don’t figure out the code.

But remember, no matter what they do.

Poetry is for your ego. Which is the same thing as saying that Art is for your sole. You can feel it in your feet, whenever a drum beats.

And no matter how much the spacecrafts reproduce it. Machines will never truly introduce it.

It was there. When Charlie Chaplin spoke as the dictator. To those “machine-minds with their machine hearts.”

It was there when Rafiki told Simba, that “Your Father Lives Within You.”

And for all its Special Effects and plot hole cover-ups. It was even there, when Luke found out that Mr. Vader was his father, and yes that means you’ve kissed your sister. (I guess ‘The Force’ doesn’t communicate all the important things).

Whatever Charlie Chaplin might have done outside of the screen, can only show the dark-side of humanity. And when you hear about these things.

Celebrate the truth escaping, from the holding space within corporate offices. Military's go to war for a sovereign’s interest and people struggle to equate their national misdeeds with banking terms. (Contract speak anyone?)

Do you remember when one monster move made by Miramax, to pull “Good Will Hunting” early from the box offices, so that Robin Williams would not get the bonus he deserved? The internet does and now so do you. These are the things, which expose the truth.

That the war for your mind, has been going on long before the cold war ended.

That’s why we praise Dave Chapelle for ‘Stunting.’ And it’s why Bill Burr, better follow-up with a left hook to the jaw of corporate mindset. The one that makes the freak-show boxing matches, even a thing, because they want to distract the public from the latest Epstein news. (Cowardly acts, don’t suggest the stomach for uncoerced suicide).

The ones that have people believing I don’t support capitalism only because they cannot see how we are mired in ‘consumerism’ and those are not the same thing. That I don’t support democracy, only because I point out that the illusion of freedom is one we all MUST vote for. I jest not digress.

Or that writings which You believe should follow some linear path, while I write out contiguous quantum thought for you?

So when you see those people on your screens. Who pop up in your multiple news feeds. The billionaires who spend so much time and money, just to stay top-of-mind as a good guy in your brain. Living, ‘Rent Free,’ so to speak.

I want you to remember the Mrs. Doubtfires…

Remember the Tupac Shakur’s. The Norm Macdonald’s. And the entertainer formerly known as Prince.

(And thank the Lox, for making sure that Dark Man X would Drag-on!)

The Patrice O'Neill's. The Dick Gregory’s and Dick Cavett’s (Still alive).

The people who did what they could, where they could to let the truth ring out and into the airwaves.

Remember that Ayn Rand let it be known to the world that a human being without purpose is the most depraved type of human being.

Remember these things… When you begin to comprehend what the ‘metaverse,’ ‘The Great Reset,’ and ‘The Internet of Things’ truly have in common. Like a game of Tribond, where you must triangulate to see the pictures.

And remember, that although this author COULD pay attention to the details. I don’t give a fuck about grammar! As it wasn’t even the first type of programming. It’s about the substance (that means what is underneath they layers of rules and restrictions).

REMEMBER THE ONES, WHO ACTED & SLAVED, ONLY TO FREE YOUR MINDS. Cause they can never take your soul, but they can squeeze your ego from immersing itself in the greater spirit. In order so that you will feel good simply by spending your hard-earned money on something that should be free. They can only Bond & Stock the Arts. {Economic Terms: For Armageddon Worms}.