Have you figured out how to flow yet?

Age of Artifacts
3 min readOct 6, 2021

On the left side is what you, as ‘the self’, goes through every second of every day. The right side, is what your society would need to provide, to ensure a foundational level of balance. But what does this even mean?

Aren’t those chakra colours?

Sure they are? They’re also just colours... But yes energy is real. Those that don’t know about it, feel it the most. Those who do know it, often guard their ‘lite’ so to speak.

But still what is it all about?

It’s about alignment, not just of the physical realm. But that of emotion and the mental planes.

The Samurai call it Kokoro. We simply say ‘Heart-Mind.’

Simply to differentiate from what most experience, which is the ‘thinking mind.’

The empaths know it is about recharging. These introverted people, are the givers, who bring the energy that unbalanced extroverts feed from. {And the narcissists either ‘eat or flee’ from}.

And because most, simply do not know how to ‘flow.’ They take periods of reprieve from time to time. Maybe you know a friend or two…

But its more than just the human being. As your energy is at your work, your home and in your routine (although that’s quickly becoming the same place for many).

Discover, what energy is in your home. What do you store there? What quadrants of your quantum feelings need replenishment when you go out in the day?

Who are the people that routinely take from you? It’s not a problem as long as a reciprocal balance is introduced. As it is the case that we share all the time. Some would say it’s in our nature as one who is ‘being human.’

The author, tells you that it’s in your innate.

Learn how to live in the flow state.

Learn how to love your innate.

Discover what is known as your inner-mission.

It’s there if you look with your intuition.

It only takes time, not money, that’s the going rate.

Learn how to love while in your flow state.