Hello and welcome to art nouveau version 2.0 {Unconventional Marketing… Initial Correspondence Script for ATB}

Video Found here [22:22]
This was not just a “fun” advertising campaign.
  1. An Overabundance of connotations within the written and spoken languages commonly utilized here.
  2. A perpetual spell of blindness which has for some time now been cast down upon these lands. As well as tricks, spells and bad faith dealings which allow foregin interests (those who have never and will never live here) to lead the people. By reading, seeing and offering them options which only provide unfair value to a population so addicted to consumer trade that they will exchange all their talents, time, energy and intelligence, even while they sense and feel that they may be getting robbed in their practices.
  3. An inability to work together for local. Without inviting other interested parties from siphoning our resources while avoiding fair value in trades.
The Swan 7 — Hilma af Klint
How WE know WE are on-side with Alberta’s Law Society.
Economical Comical Relief
Oversaturation is consuming the locals.




Live Authentically

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Age of Artifacts

Age of Artifacts

Live Authentically

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