Hello and welcome to art nouveau version 2.0 {Unconventional Marketing… Initial Correspondence Script for ATB}

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16 min readAug 2, 2021

{Unconventional Marketing… Initial Correspondence Script for ATB}

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In these uncertain times, I, am best described as a storyteller and while I did not answer the Canadian government’s plea, it was only due to the reasonable wisdom of knowing that the answer for them and for us is local and they are too far away for that to be a true consideration.

This was not just a “fun” advertising campaign.

Alberta Treasury Branch also known as ATB. After speaking with many locals: Business Owners; Individuals; Other Financial Institutions, Corporations, Retailers, Legal Societies and many other Entities. The individual polling which was conducted has confirmed that you are what is known as a PRIME for these lands and even if that were not the case, it seems very much as though the people have CHOSEN you. Congratulations.

For the past few years I have traveled, explored and canvassed the territory known as Calgary. And while the expenses were great, I did this as I have a Great Passion for two things. The people upon these lands and Actuarial Sociometrics which equates to a path for the people, wherein they will find they do not have to ride the waves which are coming. They will have options as that is where true wealth is utilized and derived. As WE would all prefer to catch waves rather than have them continuously drain individual night dreams, so that WE feed day-mares as so many are casting their waking anxieties into the collective consciousness which envelopes these lands.


What is true and what many will not believe is that indebted economic systems run largely if not solely on belief and very few amongst the common folk within the city have time to comprehend this as they have been forced to work outside of the moment. Therefore, they struggle to understand that the phrase time = money is full of creative, ingenious and incredibly simple ways to increase both. And this is largely due three factors:

  1. An Overabundance of connotations within the written and spoken languages commonly utilized here.
  2. A perpetual spell of blindness which has for some time now been cast down upon these lands. As well as tricks, spells and bad faith dealings which allow foregin interests (those who have never and will never live here) to lead the people. By reading, seeing and offering them options which only provide unfair value to a population so addicted to consumer trade that they will exchange all their talents, time, energy and intelligence, even while they sense and feel that they may be getting robbed in their practices.
  3. An inability to work together for local. Without inviting other interested parties from siphoning our resources while avoiding fair value in trades.

To simplify it into economical physics. The economy has leaky containment and thus the velocity which can be generated at any time only increases the transfer of work-energy in deals that are not advantageous to many of our internal pipelines and businesses. Therefore, the people themselves are living in a constant energy drain. When this happens, they are easily misled into blaming and soon will be accusing their Neighbours, their Institutions, their Politicians, their Families and even their Friends for things which were already algorithmically calculated against them. While this seemingly happens in many ways, what matters is the point. Which is to ensure virtually no liability, to the generating entities while operating games which almost always amount to musical chairs where an increase of gravitational proportions pulls from targeted groups. And this is happening in every people sector: Public, Private, criminal and vulnerable.

The Swan 7 — Hilma af Klint

While Deals, Bridges, Treaties, Negotiations and many Other Strategies will need to be upheld in terms of making good on already established group and individual promises. WE are in a state that I deem necessary to leave undescribed within this initial correspondence. As the reality is WE simply cannot facilitate the messages properly, even as they are continually communicated down corporate lines in our vertically integrated institutions. Thus they are unable to operate with the swiftness required to stop the maneuvers while foreign interest is able to profit off of back door strategies which are all over our ground levels. And without any real ties to these lands, many of the ventures and even funds are designed to accelerate when world economics are already awry. Therefore the gears have begun to grind against each other as the maintenance required for holding up such a heavy portion of not only provincial, but national debt… And with the world battle of Accords vs Oil, a greater portion of the world’s pressure is being placed upon Alberta’s already tenderized shoulders.

However, where there is great pressure, there is great responsibility and thus great power when held properly and applied in simple directions. The key is found within Original Creativity. And while that could mean a lot of things to different individuals; the easiest path is to responsibly remove pressure through the sharing of power with Creatives whose Origin is tied to these lands and are bonded to saving the group rather than being bonded to the group.

When WE meet, WE shall speak as individuals aligned with the goal of restoring the local economy through the following measures:

•Creative Uplifting.

•Reduction of Profitably-Abusive Cycles in all sectors.

•utilization of Abstract Substance for applying wisdom with unique talent.

•the introduction of cutting edge themes for ATB to raise their banners and signal the people towards local.

And while this may all sound good or bad to any individual. What WE will really be having is a conversation between Alberta’s Treasurer and our appropriately titled JESTER. Who went around these lands picking up many tales of drama and suspense, as well as the fears and hopes of many who would willingly put their shoulder to the wheel, if they were but given proper direction. More importantly, WE have found redemptive stories from local people who are doing their best to not only stay afloat, but to stay responsible. As they feel there are no other real options for them to buy, invest, or borrow from in order to transition fast enough to secure a position in this world’s polarizing Geo-Political Markets. This, due to a focus on everywhere else except local simply because our common-folk do not have the bandwidth nor a range supplied well enough to cast a net properly. Whereby they can secure themselves, to what is known as real land or solid foundations.

To most of the common-folk the analogy which shows the symmetry between water and currency. Even with portfolios filled with terms such as “liquidity” and “drowning in debt,” they refuse to acknowledge the relation. As this connection seems as Alien as the idea which the media broadcasts (whether social or mainstream) about UFO sightings and thus they are not properly capacitated to comprehend it as a shrewd economic warning. One which warned that Massive Liens are coming not to support our local economies but to burden them while they are used to set up another level of the vertical world stage which is already crumbling at the bottom.

This is storytelling and these real life local examples are easily tethered to the world stage. So that WE can begin revealing how the game works, to vetted responsible and allied individuals. Simply due to their locality. And while many in Professional, Executive, Regional, Investment or other Sophisticated Positions can comprehend this dialect of English. The commoner’s do not. In the 90’s after the new measures from Canada’s Acts in the 80’s, it was not only profitable. It was also logical and literally making cents to protect individual and group knowledge from the other local businesses. However Alberta was unable to keep up with the waves, which WE were surfing. Thus it is time to share the knowledge, which will lead to a sharing of wealth.

How WE know WE are on-side with Alberta’s Law Society.

There are motherships of investment coming to these lands. However, without capturing some of the markets for local opportunities to grow-out horizontally. WE will not be able to build the landing pads required to filter out both the crude and clean revenues which are flowing into our already indebted system. Thus funds will dry up, as there will be nothing to protect our ranches and plains from the siphoning process. Although it will first be seen in city suburbs it will expand inwards and outwards from there. But hope has returned. Through proper In Real Life Story Telling, WE will be able to instill confidence into individuals who are already making impacts. WE will also unlock the ability to uplift those who will soon impact our local futures markets, before the after-math shows losses which have been pre-calculated. Thus WE may be able to facilitate a better transition than what the forecasts are dictating.

WE do not look to hold an accusatory tone. However WE cannot escape the reality that while past intentions were good, the misguided practices of focusing on profits over people and basing the economy on what is colloquially termed the “numbers” or “metrics;” Iis leading us to more comprehension problems than when people really did stay away from each other due to personal preferences or isms. As the investments which do flow in are being pulled out through entirely new divisive derivative wells. Fractures, which have their divisions still rooted in the past and thus our current consumer path will present new wells which hamper our collective mentality enough that it struggles to heal or repair itself.

By simply switching the people on, through rudimentary but proven means, they will quickly come to the knowledge that the numbers and metrics are simply the after-math of competition. By jiving with the people WE can not simply educate or train, but help them experience routine practices in such a way that they learn from wisdom. As they will then be able to comprehend that economics is not numbers, it is our behaviours. This is why WE need to upgrade our activities.

Through this understanding and in combination with Smart-Binds WE will be able to craft vague and agreeable spoken statements such as:

WE are here for those born to these lands and those who plan to make their lives a part of these lands. And for those who are traveling through thank you, for supporting and not capitalizing on those deemed the most vulnerable among us.


Not only ATB, but the aforementioned Alliance of organizations, which ATB will oversee. This horizontal layout will afford us easily gained traction and once banded together, the alliance will lead the discoveries which create opportunities for 100% of the monetary transactions made here to have the option at least, to be spent back here. Through the Art and Foundational pillars which have already been established, a small canopy of security can be assured to individuals and groups as they work to encode and interpret mental, physical and transactional pathways which do not disturb the peace but work to protect our interests; while the globe becomes saturated in a 5G game of “amongst us.”

However, with all of this dire talk. It is important to remember that ATB is chosen to lead the way. Not by anyone other than the people here. And thus, ATB is the one which will be able to bear the load of the” fusional equations which derived and coined the term “Economical Comical Relief.”

Economical Comical Relief

As it truly will be laughter and fun that will be needed in the form of activities for people to follow. Along with comforting and secured avenues for tears/tiers which are not so happy. And while there will be a large focus on the numbers. It is right to remember what the dream of retirement truly is: Having enough that you know your friends, families and neighbours all have enough so that WE do not have to focus on the numbers. It sounds unrealistic to the common-ear, as they are unwilling to see how technology when trained properly can take care of the heavy lifting at this stage and therefore civics and psychology are the required focus. And this is the very reason for why WE must find a way to keep an eye on the grid while building return avenues for the creatives who go off of it from time to time. In this way small expeditions will bring great value outside of individual or small group boxes.


In other words. There is a way to unbox ATB, without breaking any rules and evolving the treasury instead of revolving against the world’s system. A system which was once feudal and is now futile due to its inability to take care of even the least amongst us. The time to begin this great work is now for Albertan locals. As our corporations and leaders are both by force and also willingly at times, stuck, in situations which have them looking the other way. A-Liens come seemingly out of nowhere only after WE refuse to comprehend the science of economical false profits. And thus WE seek to provide remedy for a curse that seems to harsh for these lands, based on all the Western Hospitality which founded many institutions who still maintain good intentions despite the highway robbery that unsophistication and ungratefulness permits. As a land that is in debt, it will continuously have its options, its futures and its people-basis traded in cash terms on open-markets where the highest bidder can apply for economical vaccinations to treat their people with our medicinal payments. WE can play apart in healing the world. But WE must first heal ourselves as how else can you help another without strengthening our foundation. Regardless of if you, observer, are a group or an individual if you won’t first help yourself, you will only hurt our communities, while your frustrations are stemming from elsewhere.

As this proposal is quite outside of the provisional box which most corporations and institutions currently operate within. It is important to offer a task for the treasury’s legal team. This should be enough to establish the credibility in these lands:

Please ask the Queen’s Bench Council the following questions:

•Whose duty is it to inform the monarch of the common tongue?

•Whose duty is it to provide remedies for the monarch to remember they are divinely responsible but also utterly human when the power becomes too much to bear.

•Who among you is ready to empower these lands so WE can once again empower the common-wealth while ensuring our fair share this time.

•How much truth is told in JEST? (Ingest)

By this you shall know me and by this, they shall know that I have returned and this time WE do not bring a monarch maker with us. The time has come for the star maker to be utilized effectively. So that every woman, child, man and even the animals WE have grown fond of can not only have their 15 minutes but have it in a way where the power shares itself and therefore the economic system will find independence through interdependence. Or WE can all continue the ACT as both the masters and the common-folk do. Where they either pretend things are alright or complain that the sky is falling and always will be, whenever something which does not grant instant benefit occurs.


As with all the others who up until now have not succumbed to the past. It is your choice ATB as to whether you wish to take the conforming path of a Great Reset or literally usher in the experience age which only Unique, Creative, Intelligent beings who have been freed can achieve. Help, as WE let the people go, unto paths of healing and restoration not based on personal beliefs but based on aligned goals so that the personal things are protected as locals work together for a brighter day.

Come invite our JESTER to meet and you will begin to know our philosopher, our guides, our Witnesses and our WATCHERS. People and PERSONS who have worked diligently to set up a game of dominoes which not only protects but promotes our talents while keeping the resources here. ATB you are richer than you think as there are many local people who have a wide range of skills and are not only prepared but ready to ACT, in such a manner that it is not solely befitting, but benefiting a society in desperate need of remedy, relief and grace.


Oversaturation is consuming the locals.