Still working to create the local cannabis alliance… *Wink*

Hey me again,

Don’t worry. If you don’t have time, don’t read it. I’m simply an acquaintance. But I’ll keep standardizing my plan and if you get it and want to work in a direction that’s more local. I’ll be there.

I’m speaking to two people in this email, both of you are in the cannabis retail game. I’m a bit odd, and you are even… Even, responsible business owners. You have an appreciation for cannabis culture and for keeping the numbers balanced and growing healthy returns on investment.

Am I right so far?

I have a plan that seems ridiculously large and vague and so it’s like where is the starting point. That’s the point. It’s anywhere, as it ends with the reduction and eventual end of poverty where we live. From a business standpoint that means there is always money in your client’s pocket for your products and they come not solely for the product but to keep you stable. We build pathways, mental, emotional and experiential. So they become physically habitual in the mind of the common customer, cause that’s really what you want.

Now, it’s time for a play on words.

vibration = light economics

The plan is to make you a local stable, you know like horses and stuff. It’s a metaphor. But in a sense your employees are local workers. So we gotta keep the horses fed, so to speak. And you are stable owners, if you feel bad about using a reference that animalizes people, then make yourself some mystical character in the story and call them unicorns. But the truth is you’re just not supposed to put animalization on individuals, you just use the references for group talk, so you don’t hurt feelings but you paint the picture. At the end of the day, it’s all about stability, right? And a funny story sticks in people’s minds, so it’s also about spreading fun for connection purposes.

That’s what I’m doing when I explain recirculation of currency:

The {current-to-the-sea}: Currency always flows to the world credit pool. In the old energy it was known as ”All roads lead to rome.” This is due to the debt system, which has everything drowning in water. I don’t make these terms up, bankers refer to things as: liquid portfolios; watered down assets and such created the terminologies. [‘Impark,’ the company that hands out tickets, is literally branded as part of “The Reef Network,” you know, like coral reefs in water].

Anyways, the current-to-the-sea, flows to the river banks {River Bank}, and then it helps grow the grains {Accounting terms: Cash-Grains}, where it fees the Live Stock {Stocks} who are Bonded {Bonds} to the land.

I’ll stop here, but suffice it to say there is a play on equity overall happening. It’s in your market, above your market, affecting your prices and is headed towards all of our homes. I’m not going to get into it too deep here, but it creates two very clear roads for our society to follow. I am creating the middle path for Calgary, Alberta & Palliser’s Triangle. As it does not lead to ruin, or taking on more unjust burdens. It is about local businesses, coming together, to win their markets on the road to providence. Not just your market, all markets. It puts ‘Big Box’ in check and it takes ‘unconvention’ to get there. ’Cause trust me, they’ve already polled, surveyed, mapped out and canvassed your territory. You are playing their game, but I can rewrite the script.

I’m, literally, that good.

It’s not about Cannabis culture. It’s not about Pipeline culture. It’s not about Cowboy culture. It’s not about Indigenous culture. It’s not about a Diverse culture. It’s not about Retail culture.

And it’s certainly not about Pandemic Culture…

Right now, it’s about Calgary culture. You know it, they know it and I know it.

But I’m the leader of the introverts… So they {your competitors} don’t know it like I know it.

If you want more detail on the plan, I can give it to you. But a formal discussion is best, as it is the most time saving, as your questions get answered directly. The issue is you don’t have time and I don’t have money. And our system is designed that way, it’s why I stopped fighting for the money, so I could grab the time to create things for people like you. You are at the business owner/operator level and I’m trying to have you just be an owner, so you have the time to watch the game with your friends and go on fancy trips and just be a good neighbour to your business hood, so that the stability grows horizontally. That way you have a base before growing vertically.

So here it is, I’m an artist and a professional. I don’t wear suits if I don’t feel like it and my plan is based around not having to involve you, but with you holding the knowledge that wherever and whenever I can bring you a strategy or deal, which will upgrade your current situation from the variety of resource centers we will establish in our city, I will.

  1. It starts with trust. And it’s why I’ve worked diligently to ensure my existence can be established fairly modestly given the median amount most people would need for an annual basis. As I seek the ability to operate all the time as part of a lifestyle in the Arts & Market Creation. {Don’t worry, I’ll increase my standard of living later, during the journey, so that it increases with yours and the other local people who join me. But for now, 5 basic needs are all I require}
  2. I’m working on creating a lease-hold inducement. So that capital can begin to work on the realistic and investment sides of a structure.
  3. From there I will work to create a registered charitable fund. Centered around alleviating poverty and opening up the government and social benefits, which create your local advantages..
  4. That step unlocks a world of possibility not currently within the scope of imagination for the common mind in our area.

Right now, everyone knows that many of the ‘big box’ competitors in your market are strapped thin, as they attempt to erode margins and hold on until enough local business has starved. Sure, that’s their play. The issue is the local maneuver, which seems to be centered around attacking AGLC and not the ‘big box’ competitors. Yes, law and courts will need to be utilized, but fair play will only be established if our professional class works against the competitor and not the referee of your market.

That takes a local cannabis alliance. Yes, you’ll have to make some calls and send some emails, but I’ll take the mental workload off by scripting things for you. I’ll work with you to ensure you can see the strategies and payoffs. But you’ll have a professional artist on your side. Everyone has lawyers, accountants and other trained professionals. But everyone wants a free-range thoroughbred in their stable, we’ve just been taught to believe that unicorns aren’t real and so we struggle to see when they are right in front of us. *wink*

When you are ready, the ‘Avant Garde’ artist with quantum degrees in the Art of ‘Actuarial Sociometry’ is here for you.




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