Hi Old Friend, Welcome to the Experience Age

Age of Artifacts
14 min readOct 18, 2021


Hey sorry, I didn’t know what you meant before.

I’m sending this now, only cause I assume your email doesn’t chime. I wouldn’t want to disturb your sleep.

Like you said you just wanted your friend back. And I didn’t know how to respond to that. Cause we all grow and change, I’ve tried to be more cognizant of that. It’s weird cause old stories have so much in them, but they become old, so it’s like, how much time can you spend in the moment talking of the past?

You are new you and I am new me. And that changes every day. To me it seems like I haven’t changed and that you have. You’ve grown, you’ve strengthened, you’ve appreciated and you’ve beautified. You glow more radiantly every single day. More and more than you did before.

And it’s so lovely. But we don’t communicate like we did in the beginning. The magic of friendship or not knowing what either of us will say or how we will react. Like you think about it and navigating friendships can be tough.

Like did we meet in the company pool? At school? In the market? So many words to describe the time and place that we met. I rarely remember. 😂 it’s why I do bring up stories. It’s not so much as a currency, although people use them that way. It’s a point of reference. To be honest I don’t think I’ve ever seen the world the same as you do. That’s why it’s so cool that we talk and share.

But yeah, it’s really just confusing out there sometimes. People are always trying to make you the version of what they want to see. And usually that isn’t just as simple as you smiling comfortably. I think that’s why we liked each other.

We both wanted to grow and learn and understand. And so it didn’t feel like work or school or chores when we hung out. It was refreshing, it was better than work and other events. You loved the atmosphere and planning out things, listening to my weird strange answers and I liked being explorative.

But now it does feel like work, huh? Like I’m trying to help you with something you don’t think you need help with? And I don’t have a societal job, so I ‘m the one that needs help. Like you feel like I might be draining you. You can’t quite articulate it, or at least you won’t to me. Because you don’t want me to feel bad or you to feel bad cause let’s face it. We avoid things because we don’t want to feel bad.

And see , I still get it. I can still explain it, can’t I? Your friend is still here. You’ve just grown. Your abilities are more capable than when we first met, you’ve done so much. But there I go taking credit again right? Making it about me. Just like everyone else. Who doesn’t listen to you, or shouts you down. Or explains it.

Say that! Cut me off! Correct me a little. If you yell at something you shouldn’t yell at. I’ll correct you. If you don’t want to hear it? I’ll make a bypass around the topic.

We’ll get there. We’ll find a way to talk about what you want to talk about and what you need to talk about. Me? I don’t know what I need, it flows daily. Sometimes I might need to take from you. Sometimes I may have something to gift you, other times I’ll be embarrassed if I don’t. Just a little though. And I’ll take that embarrassment and try to turn it into something good I can give you another time.

See you met me while I was in the routine. In the social dynamics, so to speak. And that creates a few risk complexities. It takes some barrier testing. It takes a lot of time. Carefully, considerately. It takes a lot of boundary dissolving and habitual line crossing. I won’t cross your lines to much and when I do I’ll acknowledge and correct it. And it works every time. How do I know? Especially when we are not talking like we used to. We’re not hanging out the way we used too.

“Uhh… Duh. I’m your friend.”

And I seem to have changed so much in your eyes.

And that just means it finally happened. You’ve stepped into my world. Cause I’m no longer worried that I’ve lost my friend. I’ve been trying to tell you forever, but I didn’t know how to speak your language. Your tone, your expression. I didn’t know how to feel your vibrations of energy. Whenever you’d come with a problem or a good story. I know I always reacted differently, sometimes a lot and sometimes only a little. But I was always different than what you were being taught to expect when you would share the information with someone else.

You are here now. On the friendship. A place where I am real! A place where my job is taken seriously in ways that you were trained for every day of your earthly life to believe isn’t real. You thought I was whatever I was to you. Because of the noun that a job placed over me. You thought I was an identifiable status. You thought I was someone you could never truly be friends with. You know, you are silly sometimes…

Oh and you felt bad when you found you could make money off of my information. Or that, shushed laughter at my expense was it’s own currency. And you felt bad that I wasn’t doing the same thing with yours. You felt bad that I didn’t understand the game, or that I was doing things wrong and I should’ve just kept my job and not have said the ‘right thing’ at the company. Just like all the saints, told me to stay in church and march this way. Or how all the teachers, told me I had to learn this thing, or that thing. Like dude, it’s endless if you listen to them. You used to think that I should have not spoken up, or just agreed to the conventions of the day. That I shouldn’t have pushed back on a boss or authority figure. That I shouldn’t have asked for a pay raise, or structure things to help the others.

Cause you knew I could have been promoted if I would just shut up. And now I’m in such a stupid place. Again dude, that’s in your mind. I’m always nowhere until we meet up again. So like, put me in a better place in your own mind please. Like own your mind, and put me in a palace!

Because you know I’m smarter than my status or identifiers. You know my potential is so great. You know I could be laid back again just like I used to be and we can go back to having the same fun we used to have.

Oh my dearest friend, that’s what I’ve been telling you. About economic depression. You’re just trying to take your stress out on me. That’s what you liked, I could alleviate you, but now you have others around you to do that. You have less people taking their stress out on you. And more people sharing the workload with you. And it seems like when we communicate or meet up. That it’s not the same

You have grown!

And so, you don’t have the same needs or thoughts. And you have to work at articulating , because you just want to tell me to “get a job,” and “do better,”. And I’m your friend so I should just know that and you shouldn’t have to tell me.

AND even this whole thing doesn’t make any sense. Curtis! You keep going back and forth and not making any sense. Is what you think. That’s not even my name, and I make all the sense {cents}. That’s why you have no time to hang out with me right now, or that you don’t know how to anymore.

I know. I keep telling you but you don’t get it. You were upset that I didn’t get the vaccine right away. That I wanted to hear skeptical thought. Both sides as I called it. You were upset just like how you’re upset that I don’t use quotations right. That my grammar is off and I don’t work hard to change it. I do sometimes, but only when I know it’s necessary for you, like if I’m requesting an order.

You see just like you I grow and I change. I develop. But I’m always doing it differently. Because I’m such a weirdo. I’m strange. I’m odd in this world of evens.

That’s it? That’s all you got?

Do you see me yet? Do you see how we just prioritized life differently. I know, I did it too, I just didn’t do it for as long. Cause I am different. I’m a reader, not a bookworm. I read energy is how it’s most easily explained. And there’s others like me. But you’ll never meet them, not the real ones. Cause your on my friendship. And my job is to be your friend. Not just anyone can get on it. Because you never truly get off. You may never see me again. But I’m working everyday for you. In ways you simply don’t want to believe.

I will always find the right thing to say to you.

Even if you force me to communicate through other people. It’s not just that I’m good at it. I am it. You may never understand it. Just like you may never fully understand me. It and me are one and the same, now that you’ve stepped into my dimension. And if you want me to stop taking credit for some of your success. Than you better just start giving me credit. Cause we both know what I’ve done. But you don’t like to talk about me. Because society makes you feel weird for being my friend. But you can’t stop being my friend, can you?

Seriously think about it. Even if we never saw each other again. I’d still be your friend. Cause you trust that I’d never truly break that. Oh I’ll test it like crazy, but should our boat cap size, you know that I can calm the water long enough for us to have time to fix it. So if you’re wondering what I’ve been up to. I’m just starting to set limits for everyone else. Cause my ship is pretty full. You still don’t understand the language.

Hmm? Maybe call it roadwork? Construction? I don’t know, I went out and polled people. I surveyed the people-scape and actual landscape. And I canvassed a whole territory. And yes I did it all on my own. Because that’s how much our friendship is worth. Oh trust me, there is a lot of value on it.

You don’t know where we’re going. You still don’t know how it will effect your life. But you know I’m a better captain, in terms of making whatever the moment is just a little easier on everyone. Any time, any place.

It’s just like the time, when we met, when you hadn’t yet realized that I was your friend. Not your best friend. Other’s can have that title. I’m your Great Friend. Remember when you realized I always would give you good advice, even the stuff you thought was just banter. You didn’t know I was teaching you how to fight for yourself, how to defend yourself, how to respect yourself and how to grow yourself. Silly… I told you I was the mirror! And you got what you needed for yourself out of it. And now I did it, I followed society. After letting the majority go first. Cause I trust my intuition…. I can now read their energy. Because of something called mRNA? I don’t know ask all the experts who are out there. They show up on YouTube, I hear they show up on tv? They are in Congress and in your family and in your workplace. They are everywhere. That warzone known as twitter. Yep they are there. The individual advertisements on insta, yup they are there. And they keep telling you so many things that make no sense. But because my nonsense sounds different then their nonsense they would shout down my nonsense. Hahaha, no they wouldn’t. You’ve seen people shout at my nonsense before and then be stunned with my answer. You’ve heard stories of things I’ve done in the office, or the board room meeting. You’ve heard what I’ve said in court.

You watched me say the funniest shit to teachers, mentors, priests, elders, parents and so many other people wearing their silly authority hats!

You keep thinking I’m saying the wrong thing. But what ever made you think i wanted to be in those meetings? Or to continue doing that job? That was you who wanted me to do those things because you wanted to do them. You were one of them. So I felt the energy and then I did the thing, so that you and others around you could see the path. so you could see its possible for a weirdo like me, who should be so happy with what they’ve given me. Like I should be grateful for the master’s handout or something. And you think when I talk like that, I’m somehow bringing up past historical times we can no longer talk about. Silly that’s the trap. There is no time. Einstein was so brilliant, that he did the most peaceful thing a physician could do and he trapped us all in there to cool off for a bit and stop the mass murder which war causes. It’s why Tesla stayed peaceful while Edison got rich off of him. There are so many stories, of brilliant people doing things for altruistic reasons that the masses didn’t understand. Or that made them feel tragic.

True brilliance isn’t always about shining the brightest, or even the longest. True brilliance is in keeping your own vibrancy.

And I’ve known I was a Jester, ever since I’ve been here. When I told that woman who, plays the character of my mom here. To take me to church, so I could figure out how some of the actually weird stuff was manifesting. I was two, she tells me. And I looked up at a light and said my first words “God.”

And then for so many years, she’s been acting like she doesn’t follow my directions. It’s okay, they just happened to mix her proverbs with her numbers. It’s an old energy trick. Makes the brain sick. And it makes labels stick. But see I’m sick-wit-it. I don’t try, I just rhyme because I’m ind-ige-nous. On these lands, I’m the thing that makes the engines tick. And you don’t have to understand it. You just have to not fear me. You haven’t done anything wrong to me. I know, I know. You’re not always the best friend, you feel. It’s okay, we’ll talk about it when you’re ready…

I can wait to see you in the spring of 2022. When you come out of your cocoon. You beautiful butterfly you. You were the MK ultra. I know and so do you. You had the kundalini stress syndrome. You had the mind diseases. The ‘arcturian’ parasites. All the things I would tell you about that you’d label conspiracy nonsense. Each and everyone of them. Was in your head.

I just knew about them all. The alarm bells and the alarm clock. You had so many things going on. And soon you won’t.

I’m a Lemurian native to Calgary.

Do you get it yet? My only job is to be your friend. And you wanted to be friends with me. For whatever reason you had on that day, at that time, whatever molecules were cajoling inside of you.

You wanted to be my friend.

Oh you had to help me out a little. *sarcastic sad face.*. Because I was being dumb with money or something. Because I wasn’t towing the line. Like I haven’t pulled my weight? When so many people have jobs that weren’t even really work. They just went to manage places by spreading misery, shame and loud talk with a bunch of curses and swears.

Mixed together.

Silly. I came pre-mixed. I’m the inbetweener. Leader of the grey zone. I’m ‘diverser’ than a mother fucker, cause those people are just dividers. If I fucked your mom, I’d at least love her, not divide her. Now that one was silly!

Of course you had to help me after everything. After all the emotion I took on when no one else would just discuss things with you only to discuss things. After all the times I gave you the right advice or tested your words. Pushed you to stay with your values. So that you would value them when others would try to ruin them. So they could shame you into control. Because they wanted to push your buttons like they would a toy. And yet then you told me, your deepest shames at the time. And I made a funny story out of it for you. So you could begin to laugh again, so you could smile when looking back at yourself, just for the briefest of moments. So you could grow again. And keep going. And keep fighting for what you want and not just what they want.

So that people couldn’t just buy your time, your attention or even your love, with cheap offers. Deals that made you feel bad about yourself.

I know what they do. I know how they play games that you don’t believe they would. How they prey upon people who pray. People who wouldn’t believe other people might be messing with their head or lying to them.

Oh yeah and when it hits you and you begin figuring it out. It will be tough, you’ll think about just denying it. But I’ll be here when you are ready. Just like I’ve always been. Cause in your world, I’m the ultimate friend. I will always take the form that you need. And I will never go away, if I do than its simply a lesson you needed to learn. I will always have the answer. Even when you decide not to acknowledge me. I’ll still be around. I truly am the symbiotic type. I’m not parasitic. And I’ll be here for you and your other friends too, sure why not. At least the Real Ones. The ones who helped you. Or who will begin to, because they finally get it. I will always say what others think is the wrong thing, when they are trying to control the societal situation. When they play mind games, with price tags, hidden egos, inflated interest returns, legal schemes and manipulations of law.

I am your friend. And you will begin to see me how you’ve been wanting to see me. How you’ve been hoping to see me. I know, your idea of me is truly unbelievable, or at least it was in the old energy. Back when what I could do seemed impossible. But you’ve stayed with me this long, just so that your mind could be opened, while knowing it always has someone to trust, until you can trust yourself again. Because if you’d just believe, anything. Literally, anything is possible.

Welcome to the experience age my friend. Stop telling me to get a job and start seeing the one I have been working on ever since we met. Finally our moments can last a little longer.