How’re you doing?

Age of Artifacts
4 min readJan 25, 2022


Is that the question to ask?

Is that the question we should ask when we speak?

Is that a question for people to really mean, when meeting transactionally?

The reality is that many people have stress in their lives, but instead of thinking this is something pushing down on us.{Like an invisible yet inevitable weight}. Is it possible, to imagine we’re all working to push upwards? Like we don’t have to, but then this civilization thing, begins to revert backwards into days of the ol ‘West and other things which seem to horrify the modern day mind.

It’s fairly easy in today’s current climate to find excuses for specialization. However, our system of economics, which we all take share in. Still operates on masses of labour force. But even with advances in technology, it often feels like our ‘brute force’ approach to scientific progress. Something that we all MAY benefit from. Feels a little as though, the ideas were hashed in party situations, rather than ‘at work’ and then the work was put towards getting them into the mainstream goals. You know for funding. Almost as if policies follow big money and not the other way around.

They say it doesn’t take much money to be happy? But then again, how much disposable income do the most wealthy among us need? In order to play the game of contests, known as, buy that company just for the shits and giggles?

So sure, maybe that’s the case… But WTF? What does this have to do with ‘excuses’ for specialization?

Whether stated or not. That’s the goal. That’s the dream. We all have to work, but when it comes to creative arts. The people who specialize and find success. Are people you’ll never know about. Sure you may see them, but the ones who have it together. You’ll never know what money their connected to. And likely, you’ll never know if they are chasing it at the current moment, or are being chased by it?

And if that doesn’t clear up ‘specialization,’ There’s a lot of people with jobs, and they work extremely hard. The 80/20 rule seems to apply. Whether it’s true or not, there are also a lot of people holding unto positions and literally doing nothing more, than yelling and screaming at people. Or teaching for the sake of following a process over helping people learn what they actually need.

So yeah all those things are, like, going on in my head… And I can’t be the only one. {How to make this into song lyrics?} That’s another thing popping up in my mind. No wonder we all hate pop-up messages so much, random emails and lots of spam. If meditation is a thing, specialization is interfering with our collective streams of consciousness. And while there is good in everything, we certainly need to find civilizational balance. Not only between people who feel special but also those who don’t. Enough so that individual leaders who are constantly speaking of going to war. Don’t forget about all the people who will have to suffer for their ego. But of course, if we knew who they actually were, we’d just be bugging them with media questions all the time. Imagine what we hear when it’s off the air. And Imagine how all that will change, right before any of it becomes public knowledge.

So yeah, dude? How’re you doing?

Wanna talk about the abstract stuff?

I mean it. Hope you have time to talk, about the abstract stuff. Can a good sales staff make retail sales into more than just the prices? So that special people working hard jobs, get served well. Where it’s not a waste of time, to listen to a story and not get a sale. Cause businesses are ready to take money almost any time. And their measured to ensure this takes place, by the higher ups.

But there are many people who will come back and make a purchase when they’re ready too. And they’ll comeback to local businesses. Because at the small local business level. They ask you how’re your doing. And they mean it!