Imagine: The Art of the Possible

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6 min readJan 24, 2022


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Imagine, living in a place where the system functions properly… What does that look and feel like? While it may be hard to conceptualize how the following things will be accomplished. I ask you, the observer, to put yourself within a state of mind known as the Art of the Possible.

Imagine, if all the taxes came from the corporations. And the people working to grow or stabilize all of these companies had their income left, tax free, and for themselves. But in such a way, as to still provide healthy returns for those amongst us who take on the formidable mantle of leaders. Whether they be owners, chiefs, executives and officers, or simply ship captains. It only matters that the amount derived from holding positions over the masses are not orchestrated in such a way as to provide the literal meaning of an outlandish lifestyle. So that the mistakes of fortune do not mount into scandals. Or worse, that of profit derived from indentured servitude or exploitations that can be compared with third world slavery.

Imagine, if the school system did not only listen to the few. Those in wealthier districts often get more of what their parents and people are asking for. Not due to an appreciation of people who hold more wealth. But simply because they live in areas, which provide economic boundaries derived from paying larger shares of property tax. All districts take in a similar (relative) amount of money, but there are less people speaking in the rich areas, when inner-city projects, made up of huge quantities of families paying smaller shares in comparison, still have the same amount of teachers and people in listening posts. As we only have so much energy or time and ordinarily only two ears. Therefore, the more people in each educational district, means the less individuals can be listened to and the more likely that organization amongst parents is far from unanimous. Imagine, a system working within the group that truly provides more for the individual than anywhere else. Enough so that the temptation of dealing in the black market, manipulating coworkers or cheating the taxes and the masses. Held less weight then complying with the appropriate law and tax codes used for ensuring equity of all, by our trusted accountants. A system where less taxation upon individuals meant that the CRA and other accounting bodies, don’t simply take in the account information. They would literally complete the work for our business activity. Thereby freeing investors, owners and operators into a world of more time. Time that could be spent on personal and family pursuits, with the assurance that everyone was truly getting the most bang for their buck.

Imagine, a place, where we knew that every charitable dollar gifted, was actually going to solve the problems they were issued for. Were not being spent wastefully, but tastefully. And where corporate brand messaging could be utilized to align businesses and charities in meaningful ways. So that we replace the current mechanisms which make charity akin to a tax lottery business. Wherein, the amount of receipts a charity holds is used for taxable benefits of a given year and offered out transactionally, rather than in true actionable ways.

Imagine, working in a system where SMART goals were not solely a corporate acronym. As every goal intrinsically is already specific, measurable, achievable, relevant and time-bound. It is simply the height of the goal which creates the difficulty. By removing the box from the clever marketing, businesses would be afforded the luxury of working towards complex maneuvers provided by smart people, who might be able to see a path forward that is not understood by the many. For is it not right that something smart is also something rare? And should it not be understood, that sometimes a smart person is only smart for a certain moment? Thus the lifelong careers of academia are meant to be transitioning byway of nature, due to the ever shifting complexities of society.

Imagine, if journalism and detective services were allowed to investigate. Simply because we knew that exposure to sunlight is the best disinfectant. That the rot we discovered, was not cause for shock and horror, but a position to be championed. As we knew that meant, we could stop looking for where or what to fix and begin to apply remedies for the situation immediately. So that spills were caught before they turned clean water into cesspools of uncountable damage or danger.

Imagine, if our environmental issues were alleviated through the lens of considerate action. Considerate of the ground we walk upon, the air we breathe and the climate we all share. Understanding that the nature of our actions, affects our nature. For is it not more worthwhile to work our technology towards cleaner resolutions, rather than continue to add taxes upon people already burdened with the stress of life?

Imagine, if a healthcare system was more willing to work interdependently with the people it serves. Rather, then submit itself in beholden-fashion, to profit seeking enterprises that force good doctors and their staff into protocols and procedures designed to extract every last penny from their patients ,or the apparatus meant to support them. Imagine, how your civilization would be, if politicians were allowed to admit they made mistakes. And that they could keep their positions or statuses simply by allowing themselves to be questioned, so that we can see what they’ve truly learned. Or where and when they may be able to step to the side, while still providing very good information. Most lessons are taught by failure, but too often we allow success to be our professors and therefore we as the people, seemingly fail to learn.

Imagine, if the homeless were provided more than our petty criminals. Criminals are provided shelter and security services, three square meals a day and the dignity of having their own toilets. Servitude is a necessary element of all societies, whether hidden or transparent. Therefore it can be used as a pathway back to liberty and civility. Not in a way that large corporations could exploit our people through forced labor mechanisms. But styled to provide more for the communities of taxpayers which are footing the bill for re-education and correctional facilities. Thereby, ensuring that only those who fell below the measures of the legal system, would be penalized. And allowing for white collar crimes, to be adjudicated as fairly as we measure those from blue-collar characters. In this way, we might eliminate the need to run, hide, lie and cheat amongst the elite positions; which would make it easier on themselves and those around them, by simply facing the music.

Imagine, if families could continue to sustain and provide regardless of status. Whether that be broken or bonded by single parent-ness. Living with and not limited by mental health issues or physical ailment. For is it not true that it takes a village to raise a child?

This is the vibration = light economy. This is quantum thought told through linear speech. And these things, along with many more celebratory ideas are possible. However, they cannot all be told at this time, as this video is speaking to the people still situated within a time = money economic system. A system which has many believing it is better to seek as much advantage against their neighbor, for fear of a loss that is not yet inevitable. Except within the confines of a depressed mind. Which creates a group that would rather succumb to fear than find a way to grow and multiply in the light of shared wins.

Will you join us, in the light of a new day, or succumb to the dark and dreary weather of old days gone past. As the old energy is no longer sufficient for the will of the people to continue in progress. Lifestyle-wise and not politically speaking, we ask you to be Conservative on value, and Liberal in approach. New Democracies require Blocks to be transformed through compassion, so that Green can become more than just a color on the People’s Party, which is Canada.

In a 4 dimensional world, individuals are confined within their 3D paradigm. When crowds are used a box limits the options of the masses and only the few enjoy supreme or supremacist freedoms. But as a group, the opportunities and benefits of the universe are unparalleled as we help each other through the higher dimensions!

{How this can be achieved, starting in Calgary}.