Invitation to Break Bread, for The PREMIER Location amongst an overburdened LOCAL MARKET

Age of Artifacts
5 min readAug 2, 2021
Just one Competitor tricking locals, out of many.

Most won’t be able to follow. And while WE believe these OWNERS will, as their ability in METAPHYSICS is clearly on display. Even without ever stepping in a location, which they were Stewarding, WE Always knew.

As this is the power of the Spoken Word. Even when the words are cast off of lips not close to physical ears. The beat, the cadence and all sorts of frequencies, begin to coalesce within the air. (Vibratory Rumblings). The need for Marketing Skills, for Canvassing and Investigating are never needed for the places that shine forth with Truth.

Well have you done. Once the common-folk comprehend. They will see why YOU were named not only STARS, but HEROES! Horizontal-Integration before it was even a thought in the common-mind here in these lands. YOU show YOUR colours generously and YOUR charitable natures will reap what they’ve sowed. WE ask to meet and Break Bread as Just Rewards, will need to be CHOSEN, even as WE establish trust between this ESTABLISHMENT and our JESTER.

Below is the Message… Slightly Interpreted for the comfort of all readers.

The General Layout [Top-View]


This was the message during the canvassing, as it ever was before the canvassing began. As it ever will be as we move through the phases. As it always is. Even beyond the moral ground or temporal life, this is also the key to proper economics and shall be a place of salvaged-nations for these pro-visional lands (Alberta & Palliser’s Triangle).

For all those who rebuked, removed and refrained from speaking with our JESTER or speaking with the philosopher, who played the ROLE so well. Know that you went against the CHARACTER of every child matters.

Thus the next time we meet, you shall have learned already to come correct. Otherwise, we shall teach whenever you reach outside of this core message.

The General Layout [Front-View]
Message from our JESTER

Message Words:

The decades long Sojourns are now complete! I now arrive to connect the dots. Thank you HEROES for ESTABLISHING & keeping your POSTs. It is time we gently & compassionately open doors that are largely hidden by only the inward magic of denial (Da-Nile). This is the crude factor in oil.

Denial: Bought, sold & exchanged = depressed, repressed and oppressed economies!

The Cards from Age of Artifacts

The Sojourns. The Fool’s Journey. The Hermit’s Lite.
A special place scheduled to be brought back from the Deadened and Indebted.
Art Nouveau Version 2.0: “2.0” “2.0” “2.0” “2.0” “2.0” “2.0” “2.0” “2.0” “2.0”
Battles WE have fought, do fight and will fight as it is ever what WE do.
WE see how you not only assist suppliers/vendors, but DISPLAY them as well!
What this ESTABLISHMENT shall be made OVERSEER for

Before continuing WE will assert that WE had never been in your location physically before. However, one who had WITNESSED and even Played a fortnight's long game of Origami Creation, was now there to welcome us. A STAR is this individual and we know it. They cannot speak for our words, however they will be able to certify some of our ACTIONS and ACTS. As they WITNESSED the philosopher, dutifully maintain a display which was meant to recover ground for local Artists. This individual also WITNESSED how freely we gave out wares/wears to support STAFF around this city.

This individual is amongst our confirmation Si-G-Ns. Thank you for treating them well.

Now here is what we read in your Establishment…

1. The Card of: 1. Rapid Results. 2. Daring Change. 3. Confident Creativity

These cards are in YOUR nature and they take ROOT in YOUR ESTABLISHMENT. More confirmation Si-G-Ns, as a reason for publishing this.

The Energies from these cards emanates a strong Green to Red Baseline. this mix indicates that Compassion is within YOUR Being.

  1. YOU do not keep unproductive plans alive, but seek for those around YOU, new ways to thrive. You move them above the realm of just trying to survive. (YOU have learned not to charge into foolish situations without loosing YOUR speed when wise decisions are placed before YOU ).
  2. Clear intentions give YOU power. YOU see the corrupt and unqualified, every minute and every hour. Some have strived to leave YOU bitter but resolve has left only a taste named subtle sour. (Rather then foster resentment, YOU are learning now not to delay with people who incorrectly behave).
  3. As a future card its saying to trust instincts so basic. Not about vertical, YOUR horizontal path is the way to integrate-it. Thus when our JESTER asks: The right answer, don’t just think it… SAY IT. (Some situations will need triage and not mediation, remember to be kind but not unwise. Those often get conflated).

Once Again WE invite YOU to not just meet but Break Bread with our JESTER. However the choice as always is YOURS, Indigo, so know that you have not been sequestered.

The Venerable Habits of Thought. Alberta Psalms. For Us by Us. Forever and Always. Chapter 1