Irrelevance comes from not letting go…

Age of Artifacts
3 min readOct 31, 2021

But you must hold unto the rope until its time.

Economic problems arise from the age gap, but that’s not new. They also come from the irresponsible gap, the pride gap, the cultural gaps and so much more. As they say, life is unfair and the world’s not perfect.

But that idiom, also ends with… That’s why you leave it a little better everyone, from the moment you get here.

That does not mean not demanding your own respect. But making it so people don’t have to stick up for you. They will, but a peaceful society is a goal of quiet disturbances. But when the pieces are simply made ful and it is just peace. ‘Not when there is piece.’

That’s the real goal, that carries the load.

That’s why ‘discussion over suggestion,’ is necessary. Negotiations outside of coercion. Just simply needs to needs and then how does the math work out? Rather than full on time = money simplistic of. ‘Just ignore.’ or ‘The answer’s No, pal…’

In purely mathematical terms. local businesses every: Owners, operators and investors keep losing out on the part where your routine should go through the algebra portion. And to make matters more confusing, what I mean by that statement has little to do with the numbers. The question is what is the goal? The benefits should not need to be listed, as a good goal is plentiful in terms of creating tangibility out of success.

The Liquid Swords are known as: ‘Art’ and ‘Wisdom’

In negotiations with another local.

The first step is to seek honesty without shame.

Meaning, as each party is describing goals, steer them rather then shut them down through frustrated talk. A good meeting should be frustrating. The east ones are simply routine. And that’s the corporate mindset you are trying to resolve. Work/Life balance is not binary, nor are you a light switch. There should be more vision and thought, within the local business mindset. As that is how you overcome your market issues.

Creativity, combined with interdependence of thought structure. Towards ending poverty in Calgary, Alberta & Palliser’s Triangle. Should be an umbrella thought for all deals structured through local consumers and businesses.

First one would start with what is locally and spread outwards, to pass the newfound abilities onwards.


are simply the 3 keys which triangulate around the goal of ending poverty. With that in mind you’ll look at the other party, across the business table from you as what you always should have. If they are here, in our city, you should be able to see them as a neighbor. In consideration of how large the world is.

Keep in mind, ultimately that’s the Economy we all now participate in, isn’t it?