Let’s see, the other side.

Age of Artifacts
7 min readOct 30, 2021


The other day, a portal to another place was connected in another city.

Now, a city could go crazy and make these all over the place. But that would just invite some sort of crazy (word used delicately,) into your thought realm. The fraud alone that could be caused in terms of fake performance, is quite the security nightmare for cultural protectors. And in fashion terms, it seems tacky. And that’s likely what cities and towns would fear. It could be an attraction or a thing to avoid. Something best to be kept close to home.

{These cities are approximated at 600 km’s away, and I’m not sure comically, on the estimates which proximity might play on the utopian/dystopian psyche spectrum}.

Unless a common cause was formed. And the timing was understood. That’s why daylight savings matters to people on a feeling rather than purely intellectual level. On one level, the common-folk might make obnoxious jokes, while others believe their own to be more sophisticated, thoughtful and higher on the intelligence quotient.

But that’s literally granting awards solely to people who think on the highest levels of intelligence. We’ll come back to the subjectivity of this, for another time and we can treat ‘intelligence’ as one of the many false-objective’s which exist in our shared reality.

But what about the ability to move, up and down on that IQ scale. You know. The skills of great communicators regardless of status. Ultimately, that takes the ability to interpret a communication at one degree on the IQ scale and deliver it to someone at another level on that scale. This takes time, effort and oftentimes does not look like real-work in the physical world.

I’s not about taking feeling out of the communication equation. It’s about allowing those to come in, so that you can have a quantum view of thoughts rather than solely a linear or binary one which results in a back and forth that tries its hardest to always stay on the same angle. Like a tennis match, which never moved apart from the ball crossing the net to hit a tennis racket at the perfect trajectory to do it again and again.

Economic Boredom and Breakdown are simultaneous occurrences, but two very different correlating subjects.

So it is. It is difficult. Discussions are difficult. Especially amongst societies with pressure on them. Such as financial pressures. But the first part of the solution. Is not alchemical in the normal forms of chemistry. And it’s not about psychological effects or clever marketing tricks. It’s simply making time and space for discussion to be a priority. Allowing it to go both ways and asking about the criticism, which often first erupts as an emotional burst and creates worry.

When this happens it often is the case that it’s because the target for the discussion is on a person. Mental triggers are being pointed at the person, who may have sparked the fear in others. They aren’t to blame. As the trigger is in the person who feels the fear, not the thing which creates it.

When Dante writes his books on what they called the ‘inferno’ at some point in past generations. Or with the stories of ‘Viraf’s Sojourn,’ we feel the communicators touch. As they ask us to feel with them on their journey into what today might be dismissed as lunacy. Sure, but these things still exist, they truly cannot be denied no matter how hard one might try. Because there are those who walk amongst us who have gone far into the mental planes or the depths of the soul. Who has been able to work through elaborate theories and a skilled communicator is key for connecting brilliance, with a lot of good thoughts. By that we mean, what is good for the society.

This is why this text started with the portals. People need time to connect and yes, those among us with lower vibratory patterns will seek to connect in obnoxious ways, but with the current behavioural reset on our cultural norms, the physicality will be contained more within people. After a few small eruptions amongst those without purpose meaning the depraved as Ayn Rand once said, I’m paraphrasing {recalling}).

We need to start thinking in terms of bridge building, upon indebted land. Not in the physical sense of a lay-person’s mind. {Water World physics} Ooh, the entendres’ are endless, as some people are literally built to lay pipe.

Do you hear the elevator in the ‘entendre’ effect? Art in its many forms can allow you to feel an elevator effect. Because it’s creativity. And for some people it’s why they use it. And for some they abuse it. And it doesn’t matter if you call your thing a business, or this one a charity, or if your job is something other than the work part of your life. Somewhere and in some way, you are always looking for creativity to creep into your routine.

The people in the light, so to speak, wish it to only creep in, in a pleasant or controlled way. In a way that won’t disturb the routine they are having. The degrees of which are endless and constitute { meaning inside an individual} a feeling of fun or fear. Exhilaration and thrill, before the launch and during the intervaling ride , so to speak. And some people need to hold very tightly to their routine polls, for fear of falling off the ride.

Or in some cases, simply losing the light.

The idea that they will get to the endless fun they seek so much that they rarely even express it. Sometimes, living solely in the light and not looking inwards to deal with difficult thoughts, which are building like mental constipations in the magnetic body which helps your ego/soul recirculate it’s own internal economy of facts and feelings.

And yet, there’s people on the other side as well. Masking their pain, with performances of joy and happiness. Using their comedy as a tool for hiding themselves, rather than truly speaking out about who they are. And they too often do it out of fear.

And this, here, is a writing which seeks to create a bridge for at the very least all the individuals in Calgary, Alberta & Palliser’s Triangle. Not to physically come together and stand on, in protest or solidarity. But to know of the ‘Art of the Possible.’ to know that it is possible for individuals to think of a better path, peacefully. Meaning take the many pieces and make the picture full. To begin setting up thought anchors, which work not solely to fund an extravagant lifestyle party for certain or special individuals. But to have the system, be fun for everyone while reducing the amount of stress on everyone and raising the vulnerable sector out of the lowest rungs of abuse.

To do this it simply takes thoughtful discussion, which should be prioritized and then swapped with basic needs commodities. So that both time and money begin working for our economy instead of the other way around.

Cause guess what? There are a whole lot of inbetweeners, in various forms who can communicate with both sides as long as all parties’ objective quality is supported and the valuations open for interpretation.

Quality Vs Value is a new paradigm to think through.

Calgary, Alberta & Palliser’s Triangle can get there. The common cause is the ending of poverty through the building of debt relief programs that are tied to charitable-art organizations.

As these are strong enough pillars that are currently spread out broadly enough to triangulate around the issues of poverty. In terms of their ability to connect with nearly every sector in a local grey market economy.

For it is already written. Time to polarize. In order to see the other side, you must know yourself and why it might be difficult to be you, while walking in someone else’s shoes. Not their past shoes and not their future shoes. Empathy is about NOW shoes.