Letter to a professor…

Age of Artifacts
3 min readFeb 12, 2022


Dear ________________,

This is me, just taking a chance. Taking a chance that I write something, which is not only worth your attention, but earnest enough to compel you to hold a discussion with me. But alas, I’ve experienced enough to not conflate my goals with expectations. Believing you’ve at least received and read this will be enough for this happy neighbour.

I write to you because we live in the same region. I also write to you because of your ‘bio’ page. As it didn’t seem to be compiled as similar, when compared with your group of colleagues. You also displayed a sense of humour. Most inviting to me though was your brief description, in which you professed your focus and interests with economics. But most importantly, you clearly communicated the individual psychology aspect and so likely have a great deal of knowledge for ‘group vs. individual’ dynamics. To me, this is the fundamental ‘core’ for nearly all of our large societal issues. Both here and throughout the larger sphere groups we find ourselves among.

At this point in my writing, is where I can never tell if I’ve lost your audience. Your sense of whether or not I am stating something so obvious to you, that your brain responds ‘duh!’ Or if I’ve intrigued you. I write this paragraph, specifically, to you though. Because of your ability to connect a person’s individual psychology to the ’cause and effect’ system, yet also to our economic situation. Likely, you can even see the various layers in your mind, as people discuss personal issues with you. While you may not know the name for every resource center that people at various stages of difficulty within their life-cycle could reach out to. You can likely identify the capital flow which either, should be available; if things were working for individual benefit or, are there, as society has already figured it out.

I’m confident that if we were face to face, each of us could begin listing many examples both in the past and the now, which are creating ripples of ire that could lead to more dire situations, if our economy is not properly maintained. This is why I work, to the best of my limited abilities, to ensure I write in the tone of ‘economic solutions.’ I am not asking for your thoughts on current situations, political situations, identity situations or others. Not because I don’t believe they are valuable, but because each of those pools of influence, are influenced by economics. Meaning to say that when people actually begin to understand the economy, in the way I believe you do.

They will see the need and not solely the fleeting desire for the 3 interests that you named in your “About Me” section.

This is simply due to how the system functions. And we can hear it in discussions. Because any general discussion surrounding “economics,” whether we are speaking to people who are highly educated, educated or not educated, will always include the smaller pools of influence. And discussions beginning within smaller pools of influence will always include a discussion of economics. This is where I do lose a lot of my larger audience. Outside of those who truly study economics, many people cling to Adam Smith for a variety of factors. But one which is not discussed is that his writing left a feeling of ‘sentiment,’ to people. Whether that was his intent, matters not. The effect is that many people desire to ‘feel’ that their authoritative systems and larger institutions have their best interests at heart. And that word ‘desire’ tends to be the feeling which blocks the ability to feel economics, in the way which I believe you do.

This leads me, at this time, to believing that you are either very concerned for the people around you. Not just family and friends, but also your neighbours. Or you are purposely not paying attention, as you feverishly work towards a solution for poverty in your area of influence.

Currently, I believe that the cure for the ‘disease of poverty’ will be curated in the language we all speak. Here, in Calgary, Alberta & Palliser’s Triangle. I believe that we have the talent, resources and fortitude to pull off something truly amazing for reality. Finally, I believe you see the same vision of happiness that I do as well. It is likely that we are just seeing it from different perspectives… C’est la vie.

Hopefully, we can come together and share an altruistic mindset.

For now, take care and stay safe out there,