Logic and the Heart

Age of Artifacts
4 min readJan 23, 2022


The effect of societal divides, is caused by our language problem.

Not in terms of literally speaking different languages, but within the vernaculars which we use, even if we are speaking the same language. The layered or sometimes hidden meanings contained within words.

The most pointed example that one can give, is that which happens within family or even familiar relationships. If a couple of significant others, is communicating with one another in terms of power dynamics. It is not rare to find that one has a physical capacity greater than the other. In such a situation, should a heated point or argument flair up. The weaker of the two individuals, again in physical dominance, may challenge the other in ways that appear outside of the box, so to speak. Thinking either that their partner would never do something physically damaging because of the love they share, or thinking they wouldn’t engage in this behaviour due to the societal protection afforded to them. But regardless of if either of these structures are cemented or not. Making a claim that the other person cannot pursue a damaging physical action may be the mis-step in logic which the heart holds to be factually based.

While a person may not wish to harm the other person. If emotional and psychological attacks are manifesting, based on supposed logic, contradictions in the mind could result in physical manifestation.

{As a peaceful person, it should be clear I am not advocating for any attack and recognize that physicality is often more serious}.

But these are the issues of trust, which mount within human behaviour, in relation to how we live and treat one another. Do you trust the people around you? Do you trust the person you have devoted your existence to building a life with? Or do you trust that societal pressure is strong enough to keep your partner’s rage or misguided actions from spilling over?

Balance is needed in all things and this is no different. While many believe their relationships to be based on them and their partner, solely; we cannot remain naïve by attempting to shut out the world. With its governments, institutional authorities, work and extended family pressures. Or simply the feelings for maintaining civility throughout that which constitutes ourimmediate society. Meaning the group that is around where the individual lives.

With this, we move to the logic of the thinking-mind and the emotional quotient of the heart-mind. Facts are not necessarily true and truth is not always factual. Much of it is based on the paradigm system one is operating within. But what is sure, is that when trust lines or fact lines are crossed, a battle ensues. Sometimes this is between people and sometimes its the internal conflict that manifests on individual psyches. It is why habitual gaslighting, is a dangerous red flag to discover within a partner. If it is on a spectrum, than ‘future-faking’ can be described as a lesser of the two evils. As it may simply represent a sign that the person doing it, has issues with measuring what is within their ability to achieve. That they intended to provide what they promise, but fell short. But when such an act is intended to be a false promise and designed in such a way that when it is discovered, the issue will lie with the person who received the guarantees. This becomes a weapon of manipulation, which can cause its receiver to lose their own balance of who they are even when on their own.

It tears the connection between the inner-self and the person we are. It forces a human to relinquish the sovereignty of who they are, as it asks them to trust an abuser over trusting themselves. And it is the main reason why so many people believe ‘intuition’ to be a made up imagining.

Nothing is closer to suffering, then the person who does not trust themselves.



Age of Artifacts