Money & Resources

Age of Artifacts
5 min readNov 7, 2021

There are infinite resources and finite resources.

Some resources seem finite but are in actuality, renewable; just not within a generation and therefore useless to present life, if not protected.

The mental plane, using logic and the science of measurement or portioning. Allows us to make a finite resource seemingly infinite for an entire population.

The game of world politics is rooted in the value of national currency.

Money. Is both finite and infinite simultaneously. As it is represented as a real thing but is in reality a shared belief. This making it solely apart of the mental realms. Money is a measurement of wealth and not wealth itself.

So, you remember the Great Depression; when there was a slump? And what did we have a slump of? Money. There was no less wealth, no less energy, no less raw materials than there were before, but it’s like you came to work on building a house one day and they said, “Sorry, you can’t build this house today. No inches!” “What do you mean, no inches?” “Just inches! We got inches of lumber, yes. We got inches of metal. We’ve even got tape measures. But there’s a slump in inches as such,” you see? And people are that crazy! They can have a depression because they have no inches to go around, or no dollars. — Alan Watts

Charity. Is a natural occurrence within any society. As many people in wealth do want their own cities to perform better for less fortunate people. But why should one wealthy person accept large group responsibilities as an individual, simply due to their current perceived wealth outside of status? Especially when value is not guaranteed to be there consistently.

This is why charities are registered. So that the upper and middle classes can be assured of some third party vetting. This creates a feeling that all registered charities are on on the same foundational level. So that we can trust the charity which is receiving the funds. And yet in a society that does not fully trust its government can people be assured in their foundational choices?

Digressing for a moment, this is also why government is meant to be a third party insurer, as a natural order of society.

I use the term ‘natural’ to imply certain group dynamics which will always be a part of any society in some form or fashion. Regardless of:

  • The type of currency utilized by the society.
  • The era in which a society finds itself within.
  • The style of the people within the society.

Natural. Such as a police force or court system. Local businesses and education centres. These often do not look the same, but show up in all societies regardless of time, place or level of hardship within the world.

Society and our behaviours {the economy} suggest that if there is an abuser, than there is also a victim. When there are victims or survivors, we will again find abusers.

And so there will always be a need for a third party to all situations when dealing with group dynamics within societies. Therefore, there will always be a form of government. Even the proponents of anarchism must see that there ideology is only a flashpoint of power which will last until a new system finds its moment.

At this moment. The third parties for Calgary, Alberta & Palliser’s Triangle need help. How can they focus funds locally, while being pulled into a global system? When the behaviour of the people does not display where the needs and desires of the people are. The government has no way, of securing the economy, in terms of real assets.

The problem is much more intellectual, mental, esoteric, emotional, sensory, felt, ideological, intangible and dynamic; than what our traditional government capabilities can honestly address. In archaic terms, we have lost direction. Meaning the will of the people is not being found nor founded upon. It is not being heard, nor is it listened to.

The math, data and numbers don’t lie. But that does not mean people always follow what they point too. It doesn’t even mean that people always know what to do with the information on a spreadsheet. As the information on a page can create very different actions when read by people in very different situations. As their individual or even group perspectives may not correlate as evenly as we would presume.

And it does not mean that some people don’t simply just cheat at times. This is why the Bank of Canada can put out reports which show institutional powers knew, decades ahead of time, that inflation would be at its current levels. And yet due to the larger behaviours of society, still not be able to do anything about the problem. As it takes all of us to create value!

I cannot speak for the world. However, for Calgary, Alberta & Palliser’s Triangle. There is a way for our economy to lift itself above its current station and find both comfort and control, to the point where it spreads good to the rest of the world. And while we must become better with how we utilize instruments such as supply chains, negotiated contracts, incentives, derivatives, consequences, resource transfers and other economical terms. It’s truthfully more about the story and the narratives. We just have to become better at telling our story.

When you are a character in a world of greed, fake news and horror stories. All there is to do, is write a better story.