Not through force

Age of Artifacts
3 min readFeb 15, 2022

Coercion is a part of life sometimes, but many people wish it wasn’t.

Metaphorically, It’s like a lock on an open door. The key is found in waking up everyday and seeing a way through. Lavish spending can lead to tough life.

Economically, saving or investing without actually holding an affection for the people who are enticed by the provided capital. Or not caring past the financial interest, so to speak. Is the tough thing for business activity to do.

So how do we work together?

How as a nation do we graduate past our teenage agnst? When will our people flower into the full maple tree we are to become?

Ready to stand solidly, but recognizing all the gaseous and liquid states, which physics suggest are a part of all organisms.

How do we recognize the differences of people without causing further divides? Do we allow grandstanding and speeches? Do we allow debates?

More importantly, do we allow sorry and forgives?

Not everyone likes the idea of spirit animals. But it’s good conceptualization for general groups. Remove the viciousness from the personified character traits, and we can begin to sort the way towards getting along.

Not through force…

Societies should not be smushed together so crudely.

Polite people, bright people, do not act rudely.

As long as we keep to the peaceful route,

As long as we don’t doubt.

We’ll become that maple tree.

A leaf seems free as it tosses through the wind.

But which tree does it become,

after its ashes to ashes and dust to dust.

When do it’s molecules regenerate again?

They say that we should learn from history or repeat it again. Remove the doom part and you see a revolution. But what a dated aspiration.

Doom or revolution aren’t exactly choices befitting our situation.

It’s time to evolve as a nation. We have young adult angst, in a world of colonial pressures. On the microcosmic level, there are many people who are guarding themselves from the saying “rue the day.” Because many people have crossed another. And somehow we have to find a way to mend those bridges. We must reach for solutions.

In business activities. Investors must invest and owners must own. Operators must operate. But life will need to find it’s fluid equilibrium. Economic balance isn’t about right angles and straight lines. It’s about floating on water. Comfortably, the group must find its dimensions. Only then can equilibrium, become the evolution of an ‘equity vs. equality’ debate. As it provides both.

We do not have infinite energy, that is a dream of creatives. The closest a society will ever get to that state is in making it a tangible, infinite goal. For every discovery will always lead to more discoveries, as it is the nature of discovery. People want real justice, meaning they want to know the why’s.

A balance between the never-ending ‘but why did you do it?’ and ‘why should I do what you’re asking me?’ With various third party observers. That’s what justice amounts to. But it takes honesty, integrity and active discussion.

And for that to happen, we must work against coercion, in the same way the pipeline people work against corrosion. Like it or not, we’re in this together. That’s the basis we can all agree on.

So whatever economy we are in… it’s the, us. It’s the ‘will of the people’ which must work against the forces of corruption.