Of economics, not politics.

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4 min readFeb 9, 2022

So what’s your number?

What do you need to follow your passion without giving up the comfort of routine?

The path to challenge yourself. Not the comparison game at the gym. Not the ‘kudos and cooties’ game in the workspace. Just that dance you want to do with yourself. Or maybe with your friend group. The thing that allows you to be competent in society while steadily rising while following your Art. {Your Heart}.

‘Cause that’s the problem right? You want to move somewhere. Or you get the feeling to call someone. The push to try something different. But the leap of faith it takes in a world based on credit and debt, means you should probably save just a little more.

If something works in the group economy, it also works in an individual mind… Therefore, inflation is just as tangible as physics. On multiple planes {plains} of existence. So the meditators are on to something when they speak of the future being the now. The mentors and coaches truly do understand the value of setting hard goals. And the warriors among us should continue to be appreciated more for their discipline than for their ferocity.

Canada has some real decisions ahead of it. But those decisions are already in the now. Because it is Canadians as individuals who must work within themselves, for finding the way back to being a respected group. Respected not by the world, but by each other and that starts within the self. I don’t write about politics, only economics. As these decisions have much more to do with the value of the dollar and the worth of a person’s heart, than they actually do with the verbiage we use. Whether in English, French, or Legalese.

That’s why we ask what’s your number?

Economics is not about anybody else’s number than yours.

When Accounting and Law are both free from monetary {momentary} debt in a society. The ability to have both equity and equality, while maintaining prosperity is completely possible. Solvency is based on personal rewards that benefit the group.

‘Actuarial Sociometry,’ is the Art of creating value in the moment. A science of performing economies, to guide individuals and groups through the dynamics required for reaching hard goals.

But these are just big words. The other question is when do you no longer need to take action for increasing your wealth?

The simplest path to attaining the life goal, within a time=money economy is to work based off of just one number. Questions are meant to provide a basis for relating feelings to numbers. A stark reality for some.

What do you want your business activity to do in this life?

What activities do you want to have in this life?

We know what emotions we want to feel more of and which ones we wish we had more control over. We know that we don’t know how much time we have left individually. But we also don’t know how much money we will have access to in this life, as individuals.

And we know that no matter what society an individual is in, it will always have an economic system. A way to barter, trade, purchase and otherwise exchange information between the people which make up the society. Like it or not, the economy is always there.

What the system will never understand is feeling or emotions. And what people will never truly be able to do, is put a number on these things. This is what makes a machine a machine and a human a human. Call it biological or technical differences, whichever you like. What you think about these matters speaks more to your worldview than it does to what is true or based in reality. This kind of layered thought can go on and on. But that’s the point. To truly begin to answer the question needed to ensure an economic system can create a path for you to reach your dreams. Not the ones that happen while you’re sleeping. The ones you hold in your heart. The life that would have you feeling more good emotions without having to work so hard at controlling the others.

A life of moderate fun that’s overall a leisurely experience, from here on out. Whatever that means to you.

What’s your number?

The brands are styled within a fashion house. This fashion house is unlike anything you’ve ever observed before.

Calgary, Alberta & Palliser’s Triangle, we are here now… So, What’s your number?