Poem: Can a smoker be forced to vaccinate?

Age of Artifacts
2 min readOct 10, 2021

If they took away all the smokes, would you stop smoking?

If they stopped counting the votes, would you stop voting?

They take your travel, they take your shopping.

But opioid’s are addiction, and doctor’s keep popping.

They’ll write your prescriptions, for you to follow.

Even if it means, that your world might become hollow.

But when its contagious, then its no joke.

When you get cancer, well its you that had smoked.

But what about heart failure, due to obesity.

High levels of cholesterol? The doctor’s keep feeding-me.

When it’s the flu, no ones afraid.

because that’s been around, it’s not a new plague.

But if you speak up, they won’t take your voice.

They just shrink the box, by taking your choice.

No belief system, is strong enough for your job.

No relief in them, so your wrong for your sobs.

Your wrong to believe that the shots aren’t for you.

Your wrong to need more information for what’s new.

Your wrong to think, that a conspiracy is a foot.

Your wrong, your wrong, your wrong, your point is moot.

Your wrong, until you conform.

Your wrong, until you become the norm.

Your wrong, if you don’t get on board.

Star Trek, reminds me a little of the ‘borg.’

So smoker’s unite, smoker’s what do you choose?

What if tonight, your cancer, you’d loose.

I don’t want covid, I don’t want chemo.

But I smoke, like you, because I just can’t seem to.

Can’t seem to quit, can’t seem to stop,

And now for a novel virus, you decided to drop.

Drop your brave face, when people tell you what to do?

You can’t say I’m dumb, for not fearing, when you also smoke too.

I think of the people literally begging to die,

But Euthanasia is not an option, so they stay and they cry.

Because the system, that great system has to keep you alive.

Unless your homeless, than in the cold you can die.