Quantum Physics and Mental Health

Age of Artifacts
7 min readSep 21, 2021


{This will be tough for those who think in linear thought… Meaning it jumps}

This is not about devices, technologies or new inventions. At least not in the physical sense. The quantum realm itself, does not belong solely to physics although the exploration of science does deserve its credit. But at this moment, it can be stated: The common-mind of, at the very least, North American culture. Believes ‘quantum’ to be physics terminology. And due to the tangibility of invention, many incorrectly believe, it is correct to allow science all the bridges and tolls for and to this energy.

But its all in your mind, dear reader. The vague terms above and whatever thoughts you are generating now as you read this. All of it, even this author, is in your mind. And the amount of entendre in that statement is quantum in and of itself.

What I am now writing about is something you will begin to see. It is something that many despise politicians for doing and yet fail to see the same thing manifesting with friends, family, co-workers and acquaintances. And it is one of the main reasons that you cannot get to far in this system without people extending you some favour. Either in the digital realm with clicks and attention, the official realms of business agreements and credit extensions, or even just in the personal realms of trust. Many people have multiple faces, which they employ to remove the uncomfortable truths which arise when discussions, within social normality become explorative. This statement alone is neither good nor bad, nor does it suggest any conscious effort on those with multiple facets. Constructed solely to protect the gem light that is inside of us all. And it is both brave and cowardly of our politicians to lead the way, in a game of uncomfortable truths.

But many are past the stage of light questioning, and would like to keep the peace while progressing into an evolution of sorts. As we know that Greed, Secrecy and Control Mechanisms, are the only thing preventing societies from becoming better than they are. To the point where many will label optimistic hope in a brighter day, as a “Utopian Dream,” in an effort to condescend individuals back into some imaginary role of pessimism.

So how is this about quantum physics or mental health you may ask?

With Calgary, Alberta & Palliser’s Triangle. Selling out its HR capital to the world. And providing the analytical equivalent for begging, in the adverse world of marketing. It is the case, that for entrepreneurship which directly stimulates our local economy, to grow. We will need to develop local trust, to levels of cooperation that have not been seen in these lands since at least the beginnings of common-wealth government.

Back in the days of Mayor Murdoch, vs the Winnipeg Magistrate. {Think a Western Movie but with people who were fresh off the colonialism boat and ready to exploit Western resources!} You think people are crazy now a days. Then you haven’t studied ‘His-Story.’

Currently it is the case that many people (not just counting the spies), are operating differently at home, then they would at work, or school, or in other settings. And some of this is due to the ‘serving of multiple masters’ idioms. Some of this is due to not realizing that applying and working towards a masters in itself, is like following one large winding path, straight to the top of group think. And little consideration or even care is ever offered towards the transmutation of mind that many individuals have to go through, in order to even just reach the heights of a Bachelor Program.

{A bachelor’s Degree, is what they gave to Men (back in the day, before women routinely allowed post-secondary education). To signify that they were ready to leave their family upbringing. [FYI, I just made that up].

This type of writing, while honest. Is the type of thing, which rattles the educated mind. Because, what’s the point? Where am I going with this? How are these differentiating topics even relatable?

The answer, is that I have no course, or set path. And as the Western culture which is prevalent upon North America as a whole, continues to flood in fiat status and financial woe. More and more schools, will seek Entrepreneurs.

As their ships, will be strong enough to move some of the institutional powers which are anchored by contracts and negotiations of quantity. ‘Relation-Ships’ rooted in past beliefs will find themselves capsized by reality. And the storms of ‘Quantum Economics’ will produce Rains {Reigns} of emotional states. T

his is how it connects, and this is why Quantum is not only about the latest nanotechnology. Measurements so small that robots which protect your cells, by fitting in your bloodstreams already exist. And yet poverty, is not seen as a group disease. Physical Abuse to individuals is not a cause for group alarms. And Local Business owners don’t even consider the willingness of Big Box retailers, to mentally abuse our people into minimum wage submissions. This is why people have many faces. Many emotions and feelings which they reserve for some and hold back from others. This is why, predators, are allowed to be looked at simply as wolves in sheep’s clothing and not a parasitic force, creating A-Liens on our financial system which continually burden our own courts of justice into submission.

This is the tension created by fully developed cultures still being held back by sophisticated powers. And the friction it creates, is hot enough to boil water.

Mental Health will not be suppressed as an issue to deal with. For even if the funding is removed. During a time when AHS has grown so large, that it will likely be called upon to support, if not absorb, the Boards of Education. The problems will still arise, even with corrections of misalignment. If the municipal funding is all directed at legal schemes of insurance and property appreciation, rather than productivity and creative synergy. The creative and skilled people will begin to push back on containment , as their routines break down. As change is always constant, and so routines can only be insulated so much.

Therefore it is the Empaths, who we will all need to find. Or the Highly Sensitive People, who have overcome their inner sensitivities and who feel their way through the world, rather than solely succumb to their ‘Thinking-Minds.’

For those who have succumb. Those who no longer feel, as they once did. A reconnecting with the ‘Heart-Mind,’ is occurring and it will begin to show the public, many private faces that were previously hidden. But fear not Calgary, Alberta & Palliser’s Triangle. There is great potential here, so long as local, begins working together. As the Indigo Children are plentiful here and by ensuring the 5 Basic Needs. The creativity, needed to relieve many people of their debts, will flourish in ways of abundance that are currently only conceivable to those who walk the Quantum Mental Planes {Plains}. And truly, while there are many who have reached the level of Physical Thought. It is only the ones who made it while, still maintaining their light, who can see a brighter day.

So we end this, once again. With a statement of who this is for:

This is for all those who live, dwell, reside, work and play here in Calgary, Alberta & Palliser’s Triangle. Those who were born here, and those who plan to die here. And for those who are traveling through… Thank you for not harming or seeking to capitalize on our people, especially those within our vulnerable sectors.