Replying to a soulmate

I am still following, although by now I expect, you’d expect me to have taken the lead.

Trees with hollow-rings, pierce the veil, So I dissect, as you’d expect me to take the time to read.

Your message, comes through loud and clear.

I am of good cheer, to be able to hear, that you are still here!

Languages apart, at least we both came in with English, hopefully the others find ways to speak with us.

But you and I, our lives are not intertwined, not in this current memory.

The essence you write of is not shared with me, unless it’s from a moment outside of his-story. {I still hear the snake hissing at me}.

And of course it is, as our mission pre-dates copyright and calendars.

Advice, that’s what you’re asking for…

Re-read those verses that I’ll never see. Your inspiration never went away, you just had to go through the ‘shift’ to find the words.

For is it not the job of the poet… To communicate?

Your pride is found in finding ways, to say all the things, that can’t be said.

I haven’t faltered, the meetings will still take place.

Discover the hidden ones. Your job, ‘poet’ is to remove the masks hiding and covering the face.

The veil is lifted, the 4th wall is down. Remember always, I’m a jester, not a fool nor a clown.

Compassion is the key. Empathy is the lock.




Live Authentically

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