School is powerful.

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5 min readJan 26, 2022


School is not bad. School is not good.

School is powerful. No matter why you are there or where you are within it’s hierarchy. There is power to be derived. But as with anything beneficial… To give unto one, is to take from another. And power is no different, for it takes weakness to uphold it.

The power of weakness, is termed meekness.

So what does such a pontificating sentiment for power’s virtues, or lack there of, have to do with school? Unfortunately, for the hasty readers. It has everything to do with society at large and many other dimensions of thought which hold sway in our lives.

But let us just make this a discussion of school in relation to society.

For most of us, we were not taught law, before the age of 20. And partly, this is for good reason. But suffice it to say, that many of us were taught school. Sure they mentioned, rights and freedoms. They espoused about liberty. But to really know what is going on about how the mechanisms of society function to create allowances for people, who are all trying to work together. We must know how law is produced.

And that, dear reader, is the necessity of debate.

While I so want to make this about current times, and reference something observed in a video to some place where the furniture is a little to ‘stuffy, for my tastes. I will refrain. For we will always have references for the times when people did debate or did not. References for what happens when the elected amongst us, stay quiet in a public forum, in which they are meant to champion opinions for their constituents.

Debate produces law

And when there is no debate. Action takes its place.

This is not some call to arms. This is simply a description of how societies function, operate, maneuver or sway as times go on.

It is easy to see when one looks at which came first. Courts or schools?

In its current form school is something that teaches us. While Courts are utilized for exacting default penalties, while those in the know, can wage campaigns against one another irregardless of if the public sector individuals feel as though they are functioning well.

Make no mistake. We are all part of both the public and private sectors. However, some appear on the stage more than others.

And whether the debates happen at home or in the box office view we plebs get to monitor through a screen held by our hands. They shape the law everywhere we go. The legalities are there so that no one moves back to the barbaric ideologies of ‘me hit harder, so I right.’ They are not there to prevent justice, that is simply how they are often unjustly utilized in our modern day.

It’s not as simple as saying ‘school’ has a dumbing down effect. Or that one needs it to hold a high profession. That is simply what school has taught. But the style of teaching is decided by the people. Whether that be as global citizens, or regional citizens, or municipal citizens, or even sovereign citizens. And that last coupling of words almost sounds oxymoronic in our current day.

Cause what is sovereignty, right? Right.

We know it is time to debate when the people take action as groups and not simply as crowds. Protests are real action akin to the days when a single guard would climb the steps of the watchtower and light the flame. Signaling that there was trouble afoot. We may not know exactly what the trouble is, at this signaling. But protests are not simply municipal movements for attention or awareness as we now term it. They get the people moving. And they garner the people’s interest.

So now, what comes next? Attention, Interest & Demand. That’s what brings AID. Demand is not solely a part of some equation in which curtail style economics are needed to break the cage around supply lines. Demand is what leads to debate.

And so once again, I write hoping that our brothers and sisters to the south will forgive me. For placing a reference to where this is from. As it will be on and near Parliament hill where a great debate will take place. And hopefully the people on the outside of those walls, will finally take notice. So that the gothic style, we have grown accustomed to. Where the senators have grown as stiff and dreary as the spacious halls, can finally commit to a change.

Not solely one of climate, but of the atmosphere. Because I don’t know about you, nor do I know about carbon. I only know that our environment of servitude towards lavish lifestyles for uncompassionate actors, seems to be a bit more of a racket than a good way to live.

And now, onto the dance of wordplay…. I wonder if that Serbian tennis player, did to much, when he held serve in Australia’s Court.

15 — Love.