Soul-Travelers or Mental Wanderers?

Age of Artifacts
3 min readDec 18, 2021


There is a weariness that comes with this path.

For all the stoic resolve (maybe that’s just what we call it), the altruistic endeavors are most heavy before anything has been brought to intangible realms.

As the warriors tell us. Even mixed martial arts is more a mental game than we commonly perceive. It’s why they preach that the hard work is all done before the big fight. So we carry on… Forging through plans, communicated only from trying not to pursue desire, while also not making that the goal. So Zen, ugh!

So vague.

So abstract!

But the fog is clearing. Some of you can see it. Some of you hear it. Others sense through other means. However, you speak with the elements. (Measurements of our all encompassing electromagnetic spectrum).

Digital technology has it’s benefits, of course. But even with the 4th wall having already broken. It takes time for the common-mind to perceive the new reality. It isn’t a matter of ‘build back better.’ The work has already been done. The people just don’t see all the shiny new buildings.

The mind has been strengthened as more and more people have connected with their feelings… For better or worse.

The brooding, makes it feel as though dark times are arriving. But dark tales only have to sound like a look-away feeling, when the song is played in d-minor. Or maybe it’s better interpreted outside of musical terminologies. Some astrological people, whisper about the ‘year of the tiger’ being upon us.

Some cosmologists, may even point to the 21st of this December, being the changing point for a time that seems similar to a large proverbial gap in life. Is this the mass woke feeling everyone is supposed to be on? Whatever or whenever it is; is of little consequence. That’s the stoic’s way of saying optimism is good, while managing expectations, as one who is part of the system would do, for any neighbour.

So where are you all at in your journeys?

Have you found the origin yet? Or at least close enough?

I chuckle to myself “close enough for what?”

“To begin, silly.”

It’s not about whether it’s your voice or not. It matters if you know enough to begin doing the light work. And for those who are confused between the mixing of metaphors, for experimental alchemical purposes… Light work, means ‘easy stuff.’

Because the easy part, is in the future. Despite what the dark storms of media and attention grabbing headlines reign down upon you.

Rain, or reign? I always get that mixed up. How about you?



Age of Artifacts