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Age of Artifacts
7 min readOct 31, 2021

I’m still out here everyone. Just probing along like a New horizons Satellite.

I think I’m hitting my a bit of a writing stride, at least in confidence with my style. I know that really I’m like some niche transmission coming in with static. Especially to those real people here in Calgary, Alberta & Palliser’s Triangle who have experienced the quirkiness that comes out of me trying to spread this spacecraft known as ‘Actuarial Sociometry.’

I swear everyone, this is an Art.

But anyway, I seek not to digress.

To the men who figuratively kicked me off of their ships. {transitioning viewpoint to vessels back on earth}. I comprehend why you did it. Many of you weren’t even really invested in life here and also, for my part. I was a bit of a jester, but never a mutineer or even a scallywag. Bygones can be bygones, but lets all please stop pretending as if the overwhelming debt in our credit system isn’t creating a bureaucratic instinct amongst our middle class.

It was the case in 1985. In 1994. In 1997. In 2002. In 2009. In 2015.

It’s been the case, however sometimes we were at the top of the crest of the wave. Others we have been at the bottom of the trough.

The Digital Era was something that economies could not keep up with. What happens is simply put:

In 1994 the internet began to grow into life, through the middle of work/personal life. {Work/Life balance as a statement, is a paradox which negates ones ability to flow within their life}.

For every positive their is a negative charge, if one fails to receive the information. The size of the block, blow-back, seize, or many other things is indicative on the same structures of physics as with any circuitry.

But for every negative, there is a positive charge internally. And so proper discussions are a goal for society in terms of the road to providence over the road to ruin. Just as a general position.

Also the Supply Chain Sped up and this placed frictions on freedoms and rights. Subtle and micro-restriction. The current halt in the system, is an implosion of many things, but 100% the detonation timer was set, back when the internet was merely a thought.

It speeds things up, in order to slow them down again. Should a society so wish too. Meaning, yes we are on indebted economic waters, but it is by the consumer’s choice that we all play/pay into the world seas. When we could make a societal choice to play in calmer waters. Because with the diversified portfolio which Calgary, Alberta & Palliser’s Triangle now boasts creatively. We have the generational power to sail around the world, so to speak. And from a prominent position, should we become organized for local options.

{Again, think of these as mental metaphors. You don’t have to cancel vacations, its simply about thinking with the goal of ending local poverty and figuring out how to fit that in your lifestyle approach}.

The message I keep repeating is LIVE AUTHENTICALLY | SHOP LOCALLY |SPREAD GOOD. That’s the clearest I’ve been able to make this message of ending poverty. It is difficult to mentally leave the routine realms of mainstream thought without having some sort of security. But that’s what exploration is right?

The Artists get it. And some of them had to go for the early signings or what not, in order to ensure their situations. {That’s what makes “Free Your Local Artists” a real life game}. Some of them may have even been tricked by the consumerist system, which hides as a shadow over capitalist-democratic ideals which nations are told to aspire to.

Oh and by Artists. It can be loosely held to mean skilled professionals too. Also tradespeople. And really just anyone who still sees the value in creating things. And who can see, feel, here, touch, sense, smell or whatever way you communicate with the overall “Artistic Message.” But typically you’d have to have the ability to consider non mainstream thought.

But it’s the SPREAD GOOD portion which really speaks to the generational force and flow. The recirculation needs to head outwards, but in such a way where trust works to ensure that the vibrations get sent back at some time. Or economically speaking, the capital resources.

See the reason I transmit the Palliser’s Triangle portion along with Calgary & Alberta. Is because a priority of trade focus needs to be set, in order to achieve soft barriers, for us to work from. In a similar manner to a layered marina. Not for the focus of specific classes, but simply the end of poverty. {Artistically, we are seeking to protect the land, through the marina, but not as islands, as an area of them}.

Again the SPREAD GOOD portion is needed for security of negotiations both in the past, and future, but always decided in the NOW. The reason, our area can play a ‘Switzerlandic’ role in the coming Economic wars. Is because despite the mistreatment, abuse and absolutely heinous crimes which have happened to individuals upon this land. Unlike anywhere else in the world. THE TREATIES HELD. Long enough for the singly rooted amongst us to grow into enough security to at least bloom into more directions then simply a singular belief.

So for those in Calgary, Alberta & PAlliser’s Triangle. Who can still here my signal.

I know I’m physically in your proximity. But this is why I’ve begun to sound somewhat Alien to my friends and family. I was exploring as a satellite would. But through the inner realms, which the ‘metaverse’ is being built to somehow attempt to contain. Whether those corporations now it or not, they have allowed whatever the opposite of creativity, to take there place because sometimes you hold on to long to power. Because you don’t trust that if you let it go, someone would give it back to you. And by ‘you’ I simply mean individuals who wield it. As was reportedly once said to Steve jobs.

‘It’s not binary and so you don’t have to be an asshole.’ Which is technically the spatial definition of a black hole. There's away to turn darkness into light, jokes.

Just as there is a way to end poverty in our area, through debt relief on our locals and organizing the economics properly enough to not only weather the storms and take off loads. But also off-load them at frequencies and rates so unbelievable, our owners, operators and investors won’t know what to do with all of their paid time.

As when you think about it, that’s already the case. The difference is we can have fun doing this. Just think locally and the recirculation will occur naturally.