The 1st Approach: Time generation

Age of Artifacts
2 min readAug 21, 2022

The answer to the old question of what do you get somebody who has everything…

Is time.

It is these sort of vague philosophical statements, which have the ability to cross generations. They have the ability to build within, between, over and under these generations. Therefore, this ability must always be given carefully.

As time is the privilege in credit situations which fail to recognize the true meaning of what a ‘time = money’ economy really is.

Of all the 5 general approaches for what will be accomplished, this will be the most subtle and omnipresent focus of operation.

Of the 5 elements, it is the heart tubing which connects earth and sky. Described in micro terms, it connects the heart and the brain. When working through failure, it functions organically at algorithmic paces.

And it is purposely set in motion before sickness, disease and misfortune begin to take root within any system. As with an immune system, it not only recognizes symptoms but is the provider, so that intelligence can create a solution from the outside world.

In people terms: Micro and macro forces will be drawn through like-ability. Conclusions for employing rewards and responsibilities will remain open for public consumption to play its part in restoring dignity to individuals and status to groups.

By allowing course-ways to form through leisure activities, a supply of reliable events will be fashioned for the myriad of situations that are on there way to localized areas.

Those who have a knack for research and study or a feeling towards introversion will find arenas to safely provide secured information. Those who feel the draw towards expression and extroversion will gain the ability to focus on what is essential for sharing. Those who are spotted in between these sections will find what is needed for restoring the ‘flux capacitors’ mentioned as one of the other 4 general approaches for equilibrium.

In this series, the hidden resources will find their way from the dark matter which quantum physics attempts to evidence and into the light of knowledge in current events.