The 2nd Approach: “City Hedges”

Age of Artifacts
2 min readAug 21, 2022

Rural participants and urban green thumbs have long known the importance of hedges in protecting eco culture and agriculture alike.

While cities look to announce walls, bridges and other supports. A more primitive and organic approach is needed for sharing financial information in a freely protected manner.

For an explanation of financial terms, a referral to the Alberta guide is provided here through specialized catalogue.

This, general-level provides the ability for individuals to the outsight regions for building macro-level strategies.

Hedges will need to be diverse, in order to remove the attraction from linear rows of cloned bushes. Biodiversity demands trees, shrubs, flowers and other styles of hegemony if we are to properly move nutrients while alternatively preventing global overgrowth from damaging the region’s private and public cultures.

In the current day hedges can be fashioned quickly and maintained with regularity. They can be tuned for the the preservation of various factors while providing growth and stability for both of the sides which they divide.

Location is everything, but change can be standardized based on the current level of knowledge held within local societies. In order to ensure that function and design flourish with one another to achieve true beauty.

As with our active insurance models. Perks will be afforded to the participants who shoulder the initial burden while degrees of implementation will be given after vetting and threshold measures have been observed.

‘Short hedges’ will be created for areas that require assistance in development and revolution, so that nutrients can be held in areas where ‘long hedges’ are being utilized.

As the municipalities in the region have enough resources in their waste products. Recycling and repurposing methods can be elevated. In order to provide enough supply for fencing in the traditional and unconventional senses which are both essential nutrients for the sustenance of long-term prosperity.

In this way rain management will be naturalized so that individuals have an understanding of forecasts. This will provide an advantage which can be leveraged within global lands, and local benefits will be collected at a rate that far surpasses damage from the sky.

It will be this way as an intelligent populace will be able to tune their local media anchors, dishes and news towards a beneficial attitude that provides more trusted information streams.

Livestock will benefit from the fruits of horticulture and orchards will give life to the idea of smoothing and releasing bonds.

In this way cities, towns and other urban or rural sites, will first be shown and then be seen carrying the torch so to speak, for lighthouses of diversity to appear and succeed upon land-locked plains.