The 3rd Approach: “Active Insurance”

Age of Artifacts
2 min readAug 21, 2022

A combination of the newer and older styles.

In the new energy, captive insurance will begin to take hold, giving both power and responsibility to local business. Care and diligence will be the essential tools needed for creating endurable products with smooth access points for various customers.

The old styles will be be held by the members who can stabilize them and perks will be afforded for bearing such a burden. While held in a trusted grasp, these models will be investigated and algorithmically explored. In order to fashion a small list of efficient pathways for combining to the larger ring road created by expansion in the new styles.

In this way, Calgary Alberta and Palliser’s Triangle will gain the ability to hold a middle line. For measuring radius and circumference of economic bubbles.

The new style will be tested with businesses based on degrees of contact level with the general public. Before merger measures are created for linking the mental roads, streets and highways of the overall structure.

The organization of people and resources will work as a traditional 3 phase motor would. Electromagnetically, so that the people will be able to use both institution and intuition for divining the proper methods based through course on observation, action and feedback.

The final two phases for evolving traditional motors, will be added once 80% efficiency can be maintained.

The active ingredients for the chemical processes of inventing such a structure are as follows:

-New element trial procedures.

-Intervening composures for technical operation.

-Praiseworthy commutation for public achievements.

-Scrolled communication for strengthening local language.

-Adherence to pentagonal shapes ordered in foundations for global communications.

In this way a shield range for the populous, ranging at the minimum of 360 degrees can be brought forth and maintained. Starting from fertilization and growing in further levels.