The 5th Approach: “Transporting Transformative Transactions”

Age of Artifacts
2 min readAug 21, 2022

In order to provide a base of dignity for an individual amongst the larger group. Societal classes will be given license to intersect with one another.

Tours will be created modularly through the installation of flux. In order to provide enough capacity for compassion and logic to perform harmoniously, so that both travel and drive settings begin to work properly.

This area will be fostered through long-term strategic measures as its bulk of interest will be found in foreign and global capital.

The initial seed will be derived from servicing sectors that pull the tide of micro-transactions . As they will benefit from the surplus of long-term accreditation. Manufacturing will be developed through the transportation fields, while maintaining a middle line in discussions between the ideologies of who you know vs what you know, when striking deals of participation. This evolvement of thought will afford the regional authorities leeway for bridging talks between the upper and lower houses of parliaments or other procedural offices.

Realization will need to rely on the other 4 general approaches of the macro-strategy. As the transformative sections of application will not be seen by all, as we begin to ween the populous away from international suckling. By providing various routes for various folks, manageable approaches can be installed at high speeds for capturing localized attention.

Structures in the mental realms will be oxidized and nullified by the will of all class participants in their effected field, utilizing the insight which highly specialized populous’ can provide. In this way risks will be minimized, through whole approaches that increase benefits exponentially.

Cohesion will be found in combining old styles of political activity with the new forms of business communication. As the core of western hospitality and tradition is currently stable enough to handle the load which creativity first presses upon local societies.