The Artist’s Message: Don’t Give Up!

Age of Artifacts
4 min readOct 10, 2021


Compassionate Action or Loving Kindness

It doesn’t matter, and that’s the point.

It doesn’t matter what your ‘Art’ is. In the modern day, it’s likely you have more than one.

It doesn’t matter, how skilled you are. Or what style you utilize.

It’s simply your expression. It’s the inner-vision, or better yet, it’s what you envision.

It’s whatever light resides in you, and it’s the pain that lurks inside of you.

In many ways. Your Art is you.

Fellowship begins the Friendship

Your Art is the Expression of your Karma.

The dark arts are real. And they take on a more contractual form. As trauma bonds are real and they are what the Narcissist seeks to create. For the majority, who may just have a few traits and not a full-blown disorder for seeking to create pain. Art, is the release that turns a piece of paper into something much more than a simple drawing.

And that’s why its scary for some. For those, who are putting their souls on canvas. For those who are hiding secrets in their jewelry creations. It’s scary because they begin to realize that other Artists, can read through their designs. They can see the name that signs where the credit should go, but more importantly, they can see the pain, in the moment of the flow.

For what its worth, I say keep painting. Keep writing. Keep making. Don’t stop creating. For a new world, begins to come to you, once you relieve yourself from the karmic pain.

Once you transform the darkness, by bringing it into the light.

I can see clearly, even though the rain hasn’t stopped.

I don’t know your beliefs.

We use the word ‘karma,’ because it creates the vagueness which only a poet can explain. Poetry, the art of saying what could never be said. Karma, communicates that pain can cross generations. That some of the Artist’s are describing their attachment to feelings from ghosts. Or ancestors, or spirit’s, or angels, or aliens, or dare we even say gods. Maybe even that one God?

It’s always for the observer to interpret. And just like the observer, in the quantum physics experiments. The Art changes for every person who views it. As just like the Artist, it is seeking to connect with something in all individuals. And what an impossible task, a group message for everyone.

This is why your pain, dear Artists, is the easiest thing to see. And once it’s out, it can’t be hidden. You can try, you can get a job and join the ‘normal people’ in life. You can live the normal routine. You can decide that you will no longer create anymore, so that nothing else can be read, heard, or viewed by other Artists. But we still see you. We see it in what you don’t create. We smell it in your aura. You still have more work to do and so everything around you, lets other Artists know who you are, just in passing.

‘beep, ‘beep,’

Don’t Stop Creating

Once you have done what you were supposed to. Expressing the root problems inside you. Whether from a genetic disposition, or the hereditary line in your blood. Whether, you have expressed the pain from your own conscious life. Or are the beautiful empath who communicates for others. Don’t stop creating, as you will have effectively moved into the light.

And while most struggle to articulate it. ‘The Message.’ It’s not because they can’t. It’s simply because it speaks to the Heart of society. Which is the Art of your society. It is shared by all who are in the light. And it changes. In the very same way that blood flows through a human body. The heart is the reading and facilitating instrument of the information, as the blood cells pass through.

It flows with the economy. It tells the Artist what the people need, without the people saying so. Not because we as Artists are prejudging situations. It’s because we listen, as that is the ultimate skill.

For when you listen, you find that words no longer need to be said.

Don’t give up dear Artists. No matter how ‘Avant Garde,’ you seem to your society. {We’re all weirdos ;) } You must hold on, simply because you are in the future and are waiting for the people around you, to catch up.

Time only seems linear, to those who blindly follow. For the rest of us, we know it is Quantum. And it’s only that, until a better word comes to take its place.