The Confusion of ‘Healthy’

Age of Artifacts
3 min readOct 10, 2021

{Connotations in Language Series}

“Of course you have to get the vaccine.” What else are Alberta Health Services, or the politicians for that matter supposed to say?

We need to have a healthy populous. And since the good doctors, are the experts on what ‘health’ is. Than any physician worth their salt, will likely tell you to follow what everyone else is doing.

This is not a discussion on whether you should get it or not. It’s more about whether you should be allowed to tell someone else what to do, when they didn’t ask the question?

I mean, if we all fall under the category of whatever an adult is.

This is not a discussion, on why people who are wearing the ‘armor’ of vaccination, so to speak, are worried that someone else is not wearing theirs. When it is freely available? But was it free? How much money went to it and how much money then went to the actual healthcare workers, vs the system?

What even is the system?

North American Industry Classification System [NAICS]

The questions could be endless…

But let’s say we all get vaccinated. Do all the problems go away?

Does Gen-Z stop committing suicide?

Do homeless people suddenly have homes?

Does the stress of debt, alleviate itself?

Do the ‘old’ people, really add years to their lives?

Does child, domestic, mental and other abuse stop?

A Question Posed To Calgary, Alberta & Palliser’s Triangle. What is a healthy society?

Who gave us the opioid addiction? Wasn’t it a cure or at the very least a therapeutic recommendation for things?

This could drag on, maybe it will, as so many vaccination articles do.

But my society is smart, and I encourage disagreement, when you truly disagree. As repression of the spirit, whatever that thing inside you is. That thing which tells you to speak up when convention says not too. Holding this ‘thing’ in is more corruptive than anything we deem physical.

Just do it nicely, and things will begin to work out. As agitating energy, is the very ‘thing’ which created this dilemma. There are so many things, within your society’s control that could be done to stop suffering. But an air-borne disease, which mutates and infects the vaccinated at rates seemingly higher than the immunized? Is not within our control…

Despite the doctor’s best orders!

We can distance, we can take precautions, we can all get the jab. {$100 offer, does not seemingly equate with the value the news media is deriving}

But is it worth it? If we continue to count hospital deaths, and not the one’s which will happen this winter, simply because we have homeless people in a city with people-less homes.

And of course, we don’t count the lives that were saved this year by avoiding the seasonal flu. Unfortunately, nature will.