The money must flow through Art.

Age of Artifacts
8 min readFeb 6, 2022

Or maybe it must just flow, artfully.

Yet it must also flow charitably…. Especially in depressed economies. Whether due to stagflation, inflation or any variation. Issues of economics act similarly to issues of water, when simplifying real, illusory problems. Requires imagination. Therefore, value is found in a metaphoric land that not enough of us seem to be able to touch.

For climate is changeable and not fixed. Not as routinely as we’d like it to be. If an individual is living in a society of debt, it’s nearly impossible to touch the sea floor, as you’re swimming in a sea of credit.

Every individual can hit the bottom through following after too much of anything, of course. But the 1st world is held up in financial ways, that at least ensures a modicum of safety from being completely broke. That’s a thought-anchor for another time.

This is about currency solutions…

The currency is apparent, but the waves can get choppy and may react severely to economic storms…. This should make the long-term planners, wonder what style of boats or sea steads are best suited to weather, well enough to stake your life plans to?

Goals and failure are certainly the inspiration for Art. Because of course, it’s not actually about ensuring you have a boat. Our economic situation will not leave us, in a water-world, physically. But Art can help communicate the messages on how to restore the system, capitalistically while remaining anchored to compassionate approaches.

Art is the approved escape of societies! Which is why:

Art is everywhere. The Art of Business. The Art of the Professional. The Art of Sport. The Art of War. The Art of Advertising. The Art of Law. The Art of the politician or community leader. The Art of an Artist and the Art of Philosophy….

-What else can truly communicate the objective, subjectively?

Obviously levels of skill help us progress, move, categorize and function in various ways.

Or stick to certain hobbies and jobs where professional vs amateur identifiers are seemingly evident. But it’s really whatever your interests and experiences drive you towards.

So in some ways everyone is an Artist.

But going back to financial planning. Although everyone goes through various levels of insurance, protection and wealth management strategies. It is surely increasingly clear, that the usual ideas people have, when they begin life planning, are increasingly becoming difficult to realize. Adaptation and evolution can occur in the blink of an eye.

However, storms can be levied, expenses can be prioritized and benefits which lead to places of intangible re-creation. Can all be utilized to bring in a more leisurely, easy and casual lifestyle across the generations and outside the confines of a mystery-box known as retirement.

Can a group goal amongst many people living in physical proximity to one another, be shared through their own individual will?

The examples of this are found in every social group an individual has entry to.

Likely, they can be found even in groups an individual just has knowledge of; when we are speaking with marketing terms.

What this does, even when denied or rebuked by the individual, is to create unwarranted stress bubbles of varying sizes. Stop! Reflect. So going back to the climate analogy for economies: In a society of debt/credit. The stress bubbles are akin to a human need, known as ‘gasping’ for air from time to time.

And what that means in terms of a creative outlet for any individual can never truly be designed or machined, well enough.

Well enough to produce data and statistics that could truly predict the outcomes of human decision. Right or wrong humans make decisions, all the time.

Routines are maintained through automation of thought and actions. Rather than a sole reliance on comprehending the numbers.

As even the best routines can be upset when people don’t learn how to break character more often.

I’m not a wealth manager, with an official title or position in the corporate world. But Art can help a professional identify with other roles. Empathy is its value. I compare economics to nature, not solely to grasp at poetry. But to communicate that a good citizenry is a regional populous which grasps and utilizes the ability to see outside of graphs and numbers. Because that is how value gets drained and siphoned from any local economy. Like a field that needs the right amount of rain. An economy needs the right amount of credit, if it is to fight the temptation for transforming into a playground of smoke and mirrors.

But unlike nature. The dynamics of a healthy economy are completely in control of the locals. There is no real secret. There is only a natural performance.

A good wealth manager, is similar to a tour guide. They don’t just plan in graphs or simply help you establish purchase of property, in which we store value. Such as vehicle and home purchases. A good wealth manager shows you what your money is doing through the experience of taking you where it’s working.

To the people!

They work to ensure you have the time to enjoy the fruits of your labour. And they know that true convenience, is found in creating a good life around you. Therefore, they apply care towards expectation and limits. So that you don’t have to move or transform into anything, when your time comes. That’s why the attention our media world works for is so seductive, heart-wrenching and obviously effective. Effective enough to play on the subconscious while remaining consciously guilt-free.

One of the most difficult positions out there is likely found in wealth management strategies:

  • How does one not only receive money from people in their city, but also give it to other people in the same city?
  • While artfully displaying enough societal improvement, that everyone is comfortable with the situation?
  • And stretching towards infinite goals in the form of questions: How do we create a land which benefits from social acceptance?

The problem and the solutions are within each individual. We simply need to ask the questions.

Because the secret to building land. In a world where it’s all physically owned, or at least claimed by governments, groups and people. Is to focus on where you can create and innovate with the people around you. To begin unblinding some mass, enough so that people can commonly see, the sea of debt and credit. Of blackmail whirlpools or voids of morality. Of people struggling to survive, at various walks of life.

But also to be able to walk amongst it and observe the positives already here as well as those that are soon to be. People simply need to envision clearly enough to discover all the local resources we have for creating solutions.

If there is no land close enough to build a dock from. Than use the water to build the aforementioned sea-steads. We can set up economic buoys for people to cling to while they maneuver from ship to ship. While also being innovative enough for marking goals, achievements and necessary clearances.

Find a way to ‘figuratively’ extend an open hand towards a leisurely feeling, at least where you live.

Fun and recreation are the keys to de-escalation.

The way to calm waters, remove the salt and begin building land by focusing on local interests. Ones that bring people together and create more time for individuals without reducing their financial rates.

All it takes is people wanting to invest in meaningful change where they live. And people who wish to remove the masks of hypocrisy from their society. As more time is created for discussion, the work will become easier.

We all share the same basic needs. Food, shelter, clothing, security and personal space. 5 things that the average person will despair over, if they aren’t readily available.

But ensuring those for one another, strengthens the weakest links in our societal chain. They also happen to bring credibility to justice. As they remove unnecessary lies. Everything else after these 5 needs are met…. Is simply desire. Also known as the main driver of capitalism. But rather than focus on a tug of the heart, that an invisible hand does make; and tying the group paradigm of economics to the individual in society. Let’s just go back to water analogies.

For clarity, financial terms of this modern day are all about liquidity, watered-down assets and diver’s {diverse} portfolios. So these metaphors used for emotive-description are already well placed.

Would you and the people around you work better if you were standing on land or always treading water?

The mental world is best conceptualized through physical properties.

A city that figures it out. Is a city of attraction, longer life and more fun. Of leisure and good vibrations because it not only invests in itself. But has done so well, enough, that all the good they spread outward is automatic. Automatic, effective and truly helpful to other places.

It starts with the ‘Art of Discussion.’ Which must be local, if morality is ever going to have a chance past hope.

Again, I’m not a wealth-manager apart from what anyone else is by default. Just a believer in the Art of ‘Actuarial Sociometry.’ Otherwise titled as the science of performing economies.