(the) people movement

Age of Artifacts
4 min readJul 30, 2022

Analogies are purposeful in describing shifting topics.

Alas, people, both individuals and groups are also quite shifty.

So, it is important, sometimes, to just breathe. Remember to breathe if you have to, but just breathe.

It’s what an economy does when it’s retracting, that has people struggling to hold unto their breath. Having to spend more critical time, thinking about spending money. Recessions being akin to the constrained feelings of large breath intakes. With air pressure increases, happening within diaphragms and upon bladders, also know as, a relative-squeeze for all organs of financial systems.

[Increasing prices for goods and services are only a REFLECTION of the issue].

Completing the long-winded, analogous metaphors…

This is important for individuals going through endless talks of rate hikes while seeing their Loonie buy less. Remember to breathe whether you are holding in line, holding-the-door, or holding your breath.

Do our groups realize when they are doing this?

(The ones we’re in, the ones we watch and the others we only know of. )

If you’re an owner, how does your business breathe?

Artists, how does your art breathe?

Group think. But with the individual view from 30,000 feet, as they say.

We don’t all think alike, act alike, or even move alike. Certainly, most of us try to speak alike, but that doesn’t always translate accordingly, even when speaking the same language. As there are dialects and various levels of improvisation . And of course some of us [this author] fumble our words a little.

So how do people sharing the space around them, make it to the nonchalant, worry-free moments in life. Those which individuals may cherish and seek more of?

As every business owner knows, spending time talking can cost the business money. For the corporate workers, who specialize in market seizures and take-overs. There are ways to capitalize by draining the emotional waste which bursts from local miscommunication. This is what the behemoths and giants of industry create.

… In order to slow and stymy local creation.

Art is the avoidance of war.

For groups of people who share time and space in the physical realms. Art is the way home. Skill is the way to decrease the labour hours required, to generate prosperous moments. In this order, the willingness of our people is thusly, commodified.

Whether one recognizes it or not, we are all tuned into harmonics. Our sight and logic steer us through navigable waters and are heavily depended on by many. Yet it is the other senses, which must be working in unison, before one can recognize the frequencies happening around us.

The people walk and talk at various levels. Whether we measure by pitch, ohm, or other means is inconsequential to the understanding that we will likely never fully know ourselves or others. The secret to beating the giants of industry and colossal institutions. Is working to create the time and comfort necessary for people to strengthen local relationships for the purposes of bolstering local economies.

Yes, the path requires belief to work. But no more than money. It’s simply belief in compassionate actions which underpins the way to typical reality.

We are not facing something new!

It may seem novel at times, but nature itself, has an illusory nature.

At one time the trope of “currently not reaching your potential,” was something a guiding authority might have said to a child. It became a little overused, hence the trope, but the hope is that it sticks with them. It may not change them immediately, but until a greater number of adults can clarify largely-shared misconceptions about the laws of thermodynamics… We will wait before evolving into some ascendant species, where technical terms like voltage or pressure, become intuitive rather than logical.

If you want to find the secrets of the universe think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration. -Nikola Tesla