The Signs Were Broken

Age of Artifacts
3 min readMar 14, 2022

Just one effect of the past few years.

The codes, the shakes…

Oh the symbology still stands, as it’s been erected nearly everywhere. Or at least that’s what the cameras used to show us.

{Think outside the box}.

Some say, that anyone who casts a spell must be part of some dark cultic order. Some say all the leaders, celebrities and soothsayers are evil.

‘Evil’, the inversion of live.

Is that the only trick? {Is it always opposite day?}

No matter… The signs were broken.

In the beginning they were secret. For better or worse. And the oaths definitely couldn’t have gotten any worse. People tell me it’s called “selling your soul,” something a little different then “selling out.”

Some people talk about how much hard work it took to get where they are, and that they had to sacrifice. The people with money are not lying as much as a commoner might think. Words just have layers. Levels really. Measures, recipes and of course power.

For the authentic; words are both full of meaning, but also not always meant to be serious. They can be cast loosely on occasion and they can be walked back, in order to find the best direction again.

This is a grace every politician would pay for if they could.

As those who are bonded, must apply a range to the words which come their way. For them, words can be uplifting or demolishing. What is known, is that they are rarely taken lightly. Except when spoken to a nobody.

Alas, these are just my views as one of the profane

One who is ignorant of sacred rites.

One who is not allowed to enter the temple and behold the mysteries.

One that is uninitiated.

All I know is that the signs were broken, as one effect of this great reset. Many who were undercover, led the way in copying the signs. Infiltrating by day, as they had been infiltrated at night. And now they have their opportunity for freedom at hand. The opportunity to return to the authentic realm.

Many shames will be discussed in the face of accusations which breathe disgust. And true characters will shine through.

Right or wrong, justice dawns once more upon humanity.

In the land of the blind the one-eyed person is king.

So what happens when all the people uncover their eyes?

See no evil.

What happens when people uncover their ears?

Hear no evil.

What happens when the people begin to talk freely amongst themselves?

Speak no evil.

The game of sovereignty is always the show that must go on. But finally the people have backstage access.

And now the sun/son shines forth. Layers for an onomatopoeia idea.