Upheaval Day

Age of Artifacts
3 min readAug 1, 2022

It has been exhausting these past few days… Those who feel, know.

Such is the path of existence. As heaving upwards often reveals just how difficult the work is… In the beginning. The people here, are a manifestation of kingsbury thrust bearings. As their people form, and not solely technical qualities.[I speak of energy]. It and they are capable of holding the line or carrying the load, so to speak (and so many other cultural references from a world in protest.)

And while governance has its place. There must be limits, so that there is enough time. This is the burden for the individual, in restoring health of the group(s).

The sun is charging. Nature is changing. Are these statements not true?

The limitations, ensure that false-sovereignty is always found. Whether or not it is a great honor to have statues bending the knee. These days are about recompense, recomposing and many other ‘R’ words. And proof that the spirit of the law, is, never dying. The buried speak, wherever grave and unjustified actions are sought to be hidden.

Secrets are always open. They may be boxed, locked, stored and protected. Yet, their mere existence is enough. Whether we, you or I, like it or not. The music one hears, might be an eloquent sonata. Another person may hear the beat of hooves as wild horses run free. But for the unjust and the doomed, a ‘gnashing of teeth’ is the only thing they can grasp too. As the true sound they cannot bear, is the sound of silence.

Therefore people are tied together, entangled inside the bonds of a Master-Slave Dichotomy. For some this is a cruelty, for others a joy. And yet the science of quantum entanglement proves that an equilibrium can be reached, enough so that victimization amongst humans is once again limited. The world is a great place. In size, scope and metaphysical properties. Whether it is good or bad, is relative to where you live and whatever common sense your area has. But in Calgary. In Alberta. And in Palliser’s Triangle…

It is time for recompense, it is time for re-composition and it is time for re-tire-ment. It is time for us to discover [Dis-Cover:Uncover] the truth once again. So that the people who consume and seek convenience can at least vote, with their dollar, in a way where the money trail is fully highlighted. When real choices return, through the right of knowledge, it is the belief of this author: That the people in unison, will begin to make the right ones. For their own future, the generations to come and the ones which we should always remember.