What a STAFF!

Age of Artifacts
5 min readJul 21, 2021


Whoever the OWNER/WIZARD is your STAFF did a wonderful job today!

Our JESTER did not bring all her usual trinkets with him. But WE WITNESSED what took place:

Many words of encouragement and blocking of Negating forces happened tonight.

Many bracelets were given out. Not only for STAFF but Patrons who were also observed HELPING the STAFF (and they were HAPPY to do it). As many of us EMPATHS have stopped hiding and are coming to help where we can.

But the one thing that CLOGGED up the flow today was the promotional experience which took place.

Due to the NBA Finals, many patrons came and while this is normal flow (if we think back to pre-Covid) tonight it was quite irregular, especially since coming out of the pandemic.

Again your STAFF did amazing.

We saw, after our JESTER transmuted the energy and many NEGATING forces left (paid of course, we don’t NEGATE your resource supply). That many more POSITVE/RECEPTIVE people came in and the night ended on a very HIGH NOTE.

Transmutation. Those are MARVEL cards!

The JESTER continued all night, to speak with unhappy people (more private issues than anything to do with this place). He did this in order to make sure the STAFF were not taking on all of this NEGATING Energy, as it does weigh on them and of course would effect the CASH-FLOW.

Our JESTER and her philosopher work on a PEOPLE-BASIS and would like to present your owner with the opportunity, to meet. Before the credit is established with our CHOSEN RIVER-BANK.

Now what took place in terms of Pattern Recognition:

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Due to the promotional company being stationed at the front. Nearly every customer would stop and ask them, as it very much looked as though they were the hosts. However, every time YOUR CUSTOMERS would be informed that the person they are speaking to, does not work there…

This did not help with your flow. This clogged, your pipelines and added to the frustrations of your STAFF.

Clients who came in expecting to begin their enjoyment were stopped by pleasant people, yes. But unfortunately during this busy time, no matter the pleasantries, this company NEGATED the actual host, your servers and the managers at every turn simply with their presence. As well as there insistence on pushing their offerings, rather than receiving inquiries.

(the individual representatives are not to blame, it is the company that did not care about your flow and only wanted to TAKE from you).

A better location would have been by the bar, (we are aware that AGLC rules may have prevented that). However, it would’ve allowed your Exemplary (and protective) staff the ability to have monitored this situation better. And it likely would have facilitated them to not only serve but also upsell.

We do not blame anyone as obviously the promotional company would have set the terms before coming in and likely thought that would be the best place to situate themselves. (This is known in Marketing as Low-Hanging-Fruit and thus they were only after Quantity {Addictive marketing principles at play here} not QUALITY. In some ways your place was PILLAGED tonight).

It would have also created a much better line-up system for the promotional company as well. And they would have attracted more clients.

One of the odd things, was that their email address portion of their form did not actually verify the addresses and their people even commented that: this happens all the time.

Which begs other questions….

The promotional business also has no physical location and much of the money spent goes to FORIGN INTERESTs as it wasn’t even a CANADIAN company (let alone local).

OUR hope is that you, WIZARD and your STAFF were accommodated for this, as our inference is that this Promotional Experience actually cost the business money and negated a lot of the experience for everyone. Meaning there were additional mental, emotional and energetic tolls that the STAFF took on.

There is more, but we do respect the difficulty that the REPRESENTATIVES for the promotional company were in and thus will offer this information during a meeting with our JESTER.

Thankfully the management and veteran staff were able to come up with their own plays which overcame the issue quite well, once there was time for them to adjust.

Your entire STAFF came together to Dazzle tonight. It was quite the Feat. to WITNESS! RESPECT to your STAFF, for it is POWERFUL in these lands.

The Host after some encouraging words and providing a comprehension of the flow patterns, was able to recover and was seen helping the serving staff quite admirably. While the bar staff did what they always do at Richmond’s. They PROTECTED the TALENT, with good humor, verbal parrying skills and the proper ASSERTIVENESS. As the Floor Leader, set quite the TONE and the STAFF were able to adapt!

This is what our JESTER does. She is beautiful because she gifts time and reprieve to those who need it, so that Local Business can FLOW better than Foreign Interests.

Overall, though please extend good graces to all your STAFF from tonight. They worked very hard and we are happy that our JESTER arrived in time (along with some druids) to ensure the GOOD ENERGY won the battle tonight.

We welcome you to the Experience Age
Help Me, Help You! There is a plan, there is a strategy and although many don’t get it. WE will continue to repeat: “The SUN has been freed from the ZOO.” Please Utilize our Liquid Swords. Their names are: WISDOM & ART and they Strike like Lightening!


For now, stay safe and take care.