What does a good society feel like?

Age of Artifacts
4 min readFeb 11, 2022

This kind of question is a little too subjective to put a lot of emotive language into it.

Of course it’s about feeling good and being happy. But the highs and lows of emotions, flow like hills and valleys. The range of which is adjusted individually and what feels good for one may not for another.

Support is the equalizer

I’ve heard phrases such as ‘serve the underserved,’ as a reference to a sales motto. I was also told that a competitor used to say the ‘hungriest shark hunts hardest,’ in a reference to wages. But who can say with hearsay? One I witnessed and the other I had to ask around, to hear if there were any deniers.

This is why good society questions, which are often algorithmically inclined towards the use of data. Need to have individual subjectivity included for the group.

This is the energy source, or, whatever ideas people with good intentions are trying to come up with. But of course we need governors, on our engines and controls on our systems. Bureaucracy is necessary. So is good taste. Good design. Good system flow…

In order to go to the next level of economics. In orderly fashion.

The people need to truly be municipalities, with a focus for schedules to be maintained. But the process must be much less of a crunching motion and with a more leisurely pace. This is why mental health is a good focus of resources. If technology is ever going to become a group benefit, it will create time without seeking to advertise to it. It will give people the ability to reflect and work through their emotions. In this way, it will provide the option for containment without necessarily seeking the ‘rough ride’ that they may believe it comes along with.

For we should not wish for the use of force outside of competition.

Fairness is found when the rules are agreed upon in a manner, similar to (but not like) a principality.

Fair fairs necessitate fairness.

So what does a good society feel like?

Where are the invites to the local community events? Honesty is what the season’s greetings and other holiday time events are for. Finding ways to reach out to the community around you, in real-time {reel-time}, without leaving the feeling of having taken time. From people who live in a world starved for time. These are the difficulties which come from a forward-thinking populous. Many people are trying to ‘advance’ in their careers. But rather than think that we must ‘tackle the mountains,’ or climb all the hills. Some may see ways to shape our constructions with the land, so to speak. Rather than using the ‘flattening’ approach for so many projects, so often.

And this is where the tie-in to credit originates. A word with far to many connotations… Both in the illusory world and in the real one. This is an instant contradiction for societies which are swimming in debt. So to be even more contradictory, how do we build like Venice, but on Prairie soil? Use it as a mental doorway, to what it would mean if we could see {sea} all of the debt. Just one example, but one that would give the local populous a local option. With knowledge, it becomes a priority option for regular consumer processes.

Jump ahead into the idea of how this works, by re-asking the question. So what does a good society feel like?

It feels like local business, is championing the events of locals and they are finding ways to reciprocate.

Because, when knowledge is available amongst the groups. Resources get shared locally. When trust is created through bonds of ‘local-ship.’ Prosperity grows.

It feels like 5 basic needs are being met for everyone and that in turn, there are many rewarding paths for individuals to do their part, in terms of time and talent. Building local-ships of support. The key is reaching for a stigma-free way of accomplishing this and again that is subjective towards the mechanisms and systems within individual well being.

The ‘Art of the Possible,’ is about infinite goals. Ones that make sense for pursuit regardless of outcome. The group contains the passion of the individual, while the passion works to ignite the group. The pursuits which make sense are the peaceful ones.