4th Approach: “Where does the energy come from?”

Age of Artifacts
3 min readAug 21, 2022

This is the question that will Command results. Whether asked or not. Whether pondered or not. The results will always be derived from this question.

In framing the old styles of the other 4 general approaches towards accomplishing monumental tasks. The people must see how their counterparts of history were both right and wrong throughout the revolving door of past, present and future.

Simplicity will be key for setting up any brainstorming apparatus’, yet, the ability to bullshit and small talk with one another must be the other key. As the release of great creativity must be performed properly. Informed, in cases of emergency. Pasteurized interpretations of days gone by reference warnings, that new, clear, thought can be damaging and detrimental if single-tiered approaches are allowed at group tables.

To explain the other 4 approaches in linearity, we will compare with what is already known.

When working against deception and corruptive forces, the comparison below is provided as a guide for following categorical situations:

  1. It is in understanding where the Moral law will be found. Cohesion, will provide the harmony necessary to beautify local culture, so that rewards obtained by global and foreign interest can be safely placed on pedestals. The general approach titled “Time Generation” will be the great focus which breeds new beginnings for those who need them, while simultaneously creating an allowance for individuals to grasp their change.
  2. While not in accordance with common thought. Common sense suggests we do not have the ability to build solely in the clouds. Therefore the protection measures laid out in the approach titled “City Hedges;” are meant to relate with laws of the Sky.
  3. Good Insurance apparatus always manifests on the land and therefore sectors in relation to the approach titled “Active Insurance,” can be compared with laws of Earth.
  4. The fourth law is the Commander of the other 4 approaches. Which is why it is infinitely phrased as a question. In this way, it is politically at the heart of democracy and socially accepted as a right. Titled as “Where Does the Energy Come From?” It will always maintain the cautions of tradition and the openness of emergence.
  5. The approach titled “Transporting Transformative Transactions,” encompasses the Method and Discipline laws which will be provided for directing the current of our mainstreams through the various river banks, in the area. This accordance provides levers, pulleys and other systems of control in organic flow. Results will steady boats, ships and nearby inland structures. The ability to provide grains to livestock will create the releases needed for out of date bonds to finally yield their returns.

When starting something unfounded, asking, where the energy comes from will provide a roadmap for people engaged in any activity. It provides analytical abilities for measuring performance and adjusting future scales. And it provides the hope that ingenuity will always find its way in the pursuit of truth and beauty. Thereby tying it not only to quotes from celebrated physicists but also with the artists who worked to observe human nature.

“Never believe that a few caring people can’t change the world. For indeed, that’s all who ever have.”