Why a leisurely lifestyle is key

Age of Artifacts
3 min readFeb 7, 2022


This is not so much about an individual, but more for a group.

Leisurely, it is not meant as a reference to lazy. By definition that should be apparent but, in the current day it is sometimes good to clarify the definition within a writing. Not always for the audience. Writing itself is a struggle to be understood.

But phrases such as ‘care-free’ should not be thought of when envisioning what is needed for a current day, economic system, to perform well. In viewing such a societal problem, we must take care to remember that all of the divides are a part of the whole. Language can struggle at times, to pass clearly from one individual to another. Let alone all the groups. For we live in regions full of companies, organizations, crowds, sides, institutions, and teams.

For better or worse, every individual is intrinsically married to the system, as it exists locally. The pressure will always be as larger groups are a part of life. The various governing bodies, authoritative structures and investment portfolios aren’t going away. They are the big owners and operators.

But anytime regions around ours are setting up to go into an over-drive in economics. The spark, already lit, is the one of re-creating the retirement dream. Large scale, figuring out how to get people there without losing the benefit while innovating the path.

One of the biggest questions constantly being asked is: what CAN we do with the technology? The rate is nearly immeasurable and this is only coming from a first world pleb perspective. I’m not a VIP.

The cutting edge is going to be in civics. Figuring out how to slow down without losing production quantities, thereby increasing quality. Increasing quality, through a proper usage of time for research and development. Thereby adding value to the local economy.

Some things people set out to achieve are intrinsically more difficult than others. Whether due to the nature or nurture of both the individual and the goal. There are many talented people doing super cool things, which force even the most unappreciative person to wonder how in the world someone else could make that sports play, land that trick, or earn interesting awards. But humans do awesome and brilliant things all the time!

The question is more mundane, when it comes to this subject matter. How can we put economics on easy mode, for our local populous while increasing the time for people challenging harder levels of their Art & Disciplines?

Leisurely is the cutting edge. It’s what will attract the people. And the wealth will come, should the lifestyle be real. Genuine leisure is the attraction. And a city that can sort itself is a city that sorts out this problem.

Leisurely is a place where plans aren’t rushed so that mistakes rarely get to a life altering magnitude. It’s a place where moderations in work and play, are not enlarged only on the play side of the equation. Leisurely is a place that many in the world want to live.

Authenticity is the road to value, in terms of civics. Reducing the agendas people hold, at least for the locals. Removing masks of persona for the purpose of genuine trust. In this way people learn how to perform, naturally and as themselves.

Leisurely is a place where a person’s word is once again credible. Rather than a society where credit is word-able.

Leisurely is the way to build bridges for a diverse culture, instead of the tunnels and roads being bored ‘through’ a diverse culture.