Why leaving a cult can be scary

Age of Artifacts
6 min readSep 21, 2021


It feels odd to write that leaving is a ‘difficult’ thing to do. And I am not the person to say it’s the right thing to do. It can just be scary is all. But in a way, that is quite explorative if you think about it.

Some people get mad about their experiences, as the choices were made to feel like they were yours, individually. However, the smooth games of Neuro-Linguistic Programming, that were likely put into your very own parents, make it a lot more likely that coercion is at the root of many of your ‘options.’

But when one finally has time to reflect on the macrocosmic perspective of their experiences. A doorway to leaving the mental realms of revenge, remorse, or required respect seems to arrive almost instantaneously. Likely this depends on an individual’s level or degree of experiences, and who can relate to that. Or how much physical abuse and/or care was applied to them, for added measures.

Trauma is unique to the individual. However, it is the paranoia as a state of being, that can be pre-discussed. This is a societal need as secure mental pathways can be built for others to follow.

I’m writing this, as there are many in my area of Calgary, Alberta & Palliser’s Triangle. Who have started leaving incredibly sheltering situations. And likely its just the effects of making our grandparents jump under desks to prepare for bomb warnings, finally wearing off. At least over on this continent where, despite attempts, we did not manifest the same expectations which many have worried about after seeing the ‘Nagasaki Hiroshima’ Devastation.

It seems as though we can thank higher powers for that. 😏

OR maybe a Treaty 7 ancestral grounds power.

I’m open to many things now. And that’s really the scary part for those who have experienced singular theologies, indoctrinations or whatever other words we can use to describe the unconsciously closed-minded.

What is it that people are SUPPOSED to believe? When some of us may have arrived into what seemed like an entire world, of one unconquerable belief?

And how many, then found out about other beliefs? And succeeded in maintaining their inner-feelings in order to not fight with outer-feelings as those historical people who quite literally conquered on the physical planes would have wanted.

Calgary, Alberta & Palliser’s Triangle… It’s a mental game. And it has begun.

All that matters for an individual is your relationship with the group. All that matters for the group is their relationship with the individual. And know that this happens in every situation and setting that you are involved in.

…C’est la vie

Many people who were incredibly sheltered. People you’d never have guessed. Coworkers and acquaintances. The introverted people, who seem extroverted due to the pressures of roles, but who truly just wish they could sit comfortably by themselves. These people are going to be exploring the mental planes {Plains}, in our city. And it is up to the locals, to hold firm to the belief that it’s cool to have your own beliefs. Its cool to have weird, odd or ‘Avant Garde’ friends. Because the new wealth [not currency] for the world, is going to be found in creativity. And feedback without fear, while maintaining the 5 basic needs for all, is the easiest goal to work towards; for quality of life to be improved through our economics. As it allows people to free themselves and others, from the restrictions of the mind.

And cults don’t always just come in the form that you believe they do. So its not about avoiding discussions of ideology or worship. Its about friendship, keeping your word, discussing behaviour corrections, working through lies and local living.

Because the only way to truly explore for the betterment of your society. In a physically proximal sense. Is to make it easy for your bond to be your word, when its given freely and not coerced. If we can do that in Calgary, and spread the good which comes of it. We transform. {think crude oil suddenly flowing as easily as light oil does}

In a ‘time = money’ economy, beliefs and the allowances or sharing of them. When they are not harmful, they create the door way into a ‘vibration = light’ economy. And while that does sound fanciful. When creating new things that benefit people, we should be fancy with language. As it’s what the sophisticated cultures already do. So as long as Calgary, can work on our ideas peacefully. Cultivation, can begin to take care of the homeless, the youth, and all those in their vulnerable sector. At least until the Next Municipal Election. Things will be okay here. As by then the ‘Children of the Indigo,’ (which is simply an endearingly fictional style of nomenclature), from the mind of this author. Utilized for describing the group of special talent and ability that resides here in their host city.

They will be ready to lead this realm into a feeling of people sovereignty, currently not openly felt within the world. So that the dream of many institutions and groups, that worked tirelessly, to shape these lands and protect the people from machinations of the world can finally land. While it wasn’t perfect. We got to this level.

No where else on earth, is there a place like our prairies. The Median age of the National population is top 25 in the world. While the full world’s Median individual age is 10 years younger. And yet, Common-Wealth governance here is less than 200 years old. And unlike many places on earth. Despite the abuses that conquered people and vulnerable sector victims had to endure over the years…


And while the world continues to build monuments to atrocities that did happen. We will begin, building the art towards thing which were avoided, by way of people doing there best to keep things together, for the greater good. And with that we can begin healing all those, who suffered under the treaties, so that civilization could get to the point of taking a rest and healing the individual for the benefit of the group.

So, yes! Leaving a cult can be scary. And while I will not say that going through the experiences of shunning and tribulations are worth it for any singular individual. It is worth it, not just for the average individual. And more importantly, it’s worth it for the city.

Evolution happens cell by cell, In real life, it’s when ‘indigenous’ {regardless of identity,} are able to find land within financially flooded municipalities. As they bring land {Financial Terms} with them, wherever they go.