You are allowed to feel good.

Age of Artifacts
6 min readNov 10, 2021

Let’s not get lost in hyperbole, I am only speaking of the feeling.

Your world tells you no, unless you have the appropriate status to receive a ‘yes’ to your creative ideas. To the maneuvers that will set precedence, or the plays which will win the battle. No matter your arena or realm.

It’s not about being a painter or an athlete. A musician or a business person. Maybe you work at a retail counter somewhere, or manage a number of locations within a regional portfolio. Your role is not who you are.

Some feel more serious to us then others. Like being in a parental role. But to much constriction in titles is the force which restricts flow. That thing everyone is looking for, in order to feel good? Some people need vacations to flow. To let it out, after spending so much time doing serious work and maintaining serious routines, with serious responsibilities attached to their duties. You are allowed to feel good about that.

Resort. Is that a vacation destination? Or a consumer’s last choice? Whether it’s having a couple beers every night, or drugs that aren’t as light. All of this is a re-sort that people go through in order to maintain positions in life.

For some it’s the gym, for other’s it may have been a Sunday service. But the routine of all people, will objectively have their polarization points. The subjectivity is individual, but highly effected by the group. With qualitative value being placed in words like “good” and “bad”. Currently, stigmatized, is the appropriate word for how various groups or societies, ‘mark’ the individuals who come through or remain. But it does not have to be a negative… [Hint: You control your chemistry].

Sometimes, even when things aren’t maintained, you are allowed to feel good. It won’t happen right away and of course the degrees of severity, in terms of whatever subjective priority set list; the individual complies to will play into when you do feel good again. But that’s what the walls are for right?

The walls which enshrine, puzzles and labyrinths around the heart of certain people. Those who bear emotional scars, if not physical and would rather not talk about it. “Too soon…” being the operative reason to boo a stand-up comedian. But sometimes, it’s the comedy which allows the tragedy to heal.

Isn’t that why the masks go hand in hand?

And that’s the point. Do you know what your happy mask looks like? What about your sad mask? What is a weak mask? Is it that one mask appears to vulnerable or is it just that one doesn’t take long enough to break through? {Subjectivity again, it’s all your choice, consciously or not}.

As the strong masks should be the ones which comprise your best qualities. And they should only be used sparingly. As it is the case that at any time, you can remove your masks and reveal the true person who belongs in the world. The masks are just what society teaches you to wear and put on. But the walls you build are your choice. You may have good reason for blocking energy, negating positivity and choosing not to receive any information from other people.

Just remember, you are allowed to feel good. And words can be used to get there…

When an individual is able to communicate their experiences. They begin to heal themselves. When they communicate them to another person, a trust is being established. Even if the experience is one that doesn’t seem to have much material substance to it. Trust is still established. As you are trusting that the experience being told, is an honest recollection.

This is when a good friend is needed. A person who you are allowed to feel good and comfortable around, no matter the topic or subject.

A good discussion, while it may be fully comprised of back-minded agendas, will always find ways to flow. It’s not about breaking the main group or individual thought anchors, it’s about creating band-width. Enough tension to form the limits on the conversation in order to ensure the discussion doesn’t just spin. Unless, the goal is just to have fun (again, that’s why good friends are needed). But on the serious messages, either for an entire society, a group meeting, or just one unto another. The conversation should be like a ferry on a course of water. One that allows for stops and breaks so that when you meet again, you can catch-up and move further along, towards the agreed upon goal. As this is where productivity, progress and prosperity are found.

That’s all well and good, but what about if you are a person who does not feel they have anyone to trust?

Then you have to do the serious work of speaking with yourself! Of being honest with yourself. So that you ensure that you know yourself, for when you believe it is time to take off your masks. Find the connections between the thinking-mind and the heart-mind.

Others will be there once you do. You may feel as though that’s not the case, but that is only due to your sense of expectation based on time spent in the ‘old energy.’

Which is not nearly as real, as it has been drilled into you for believing. Once again, I cannot speak for the world. However, I can ensure you that the probability is high that if you live in Calgary, Alberta & Palliser’s Triangle… Time was drilled into you, in the realest non-physical sense the one can muster. You and the people around you, are far more real than time.

You’ll just have to trust me on that one.

Dear Friend,

The past weighs heavily upon your heart. Please remember that you are allowed to feel good. It’s up to you to believe that.